Nov 17, 2009

Threaded Twist Hairstyle

A Fancy Nancy side ponytail.......

Begin with a section parted from ear to ear and a side ponytail. Speaking of side ponytails, did anyone else notice that the eighties styles are coming back in? (Even for moms.) I actually went shopping for the first time in a LONG time the other day and ended up buying some "stretch pants" and a long sweater dress thingy! I swear I had the same outfit in 3rd grade.'s a good thing the sweater is long. (Because well.... lets just say that the stretch pants are not as flattering as I remember them being in 3rd grade, lol.) Anyway, back to hair.......
threaded braids
At the back of your part, part out another strip of hair and make some twist braids all the way along it.
Don't go all the way down to her ear with the "strip of hair." Leave the sides as they are for now.Make a loose french braid from one side to the other with the remaining hair. With this braid, only take hair from the front. And what I mean by "loose" is; hold it out across the back part as you're braiding. You want it to cover the part later. End the braid with a clear elastic by her ear and add the ends to the ponytail.Using your finger as a guide...... Thread the twist braids up through the french braid.
Ooops I missed a spot, oh well. Anyway, as you can see...... all the twists are threaded through the braid. Notice that you can still see the part. We'll fix that in a minute.
If you made the french braid loose enough, you should be able to sort of pull it down over the part by gently tugging on the twists as you add them to the ponytail.If you want to cover the elastic where you ended the braid, add a cute flower to the side. Oh and of course we had to add some bobby pin flowers to the ponytail as well.twist braidsWe braided in a few more twists in the ponytail at different lengths, just for fun.french braidscute hairstyles for little girls The end.

The accessories used in this hairstyle came from Every Little Detail.