Oct 12, 2009

Mini Woven Star Hairstyle

Here's another cute, quick, and easy hairstyle for school. A 5 minute hairdo!!

This hair design is similar to one of our all time favorites (the woven tiara) just simplified a little. It takes half as many elastics and less time, yipee!

star hairstyle Make 3 small ponies in the front and split them each in half. (Like the middle pony in this picture.)Take the 2 strands from the left pony and the right strand on the middle pony and lay them across her head (slanting towards the right side.) Take the remaining 3 strands and weave them through, over to the opposite side.Take the 3 strands on the right in one hand and the 3 strands on the left in the other. Tighten everything up and add some elastics to each side.

This picture is driving me nuts. I should have either tightened up the elastic on the right or loosened the elastic on the left. BUT, there's no time for redoing stuff on school mornings. Just keeping it real (again.) :)At this point you could make a ponytail, pigtails, a bun, or even leave it down. Whatever you want! We did a quick ponytail.
fancy ponytailAnd of course it always helps to add a cute bow or flower! This one came from Flowerz In Her Hair.com.
quick and easy hairstyle I have to say, I think her head looks pretty cute from the top with her little woven star!