Jun 19, 2009

Woven Braided Headband, Revisited....

I love the simple headband look, but we rarely leave the Princess's hair down because it's almost ALWAYS windy where we live (not to mention lots of jumping on the trampoline and riding bikes.) I don't want the princess to feel like she can't go outside and have fun because she's going to mess up her hair, LOL. And neither one of us enjoy the tangles that come the day after a down do, so we usually just stay away from that. Here's a fun variation to try with some cute pigtails that won't get nasty tangles to comb out, even while playing rough.

Follow our last hairstyle for instructions on weaving the headband. Then make some pigtails with the rest and add the ribbons from the headband on both sides to the piggies instead of tying them underneath.

Twist the ribbon and the pigtail together......Then wrap it into a bun leaving the ends out on top, securing with an elastic.
Cute and windproof. :)