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A Side Ponytail....With Something Extra

The day I did this one, I had no intention of making a hair tutorial (or a side pony for that matter.) I actually was just going to make some regular pigtail elastic braid thingys with different types of braids. If you can't tell, this is parted right down the middle and I was going to do the same thing on the other side. When I got to this point, I realized The Princess had to be to school in 5 minutes! So, I had an idea. Of course I grabbed the camera and....... Pulled the hair from the other side right over into a side pony!!Added some cute flowers from the Tinkerbell Boutique, and we were out the door!
From this side it almost looks like a regular side pony, right?But nope, it's actually not regular at all!
Just keep this one in mind if you ever run out of time halfway through a style. :) I actually ended up doing it again with french braid pigtails and she got tons of compliments from it. Who knew a mistake could become one of our new fav's??
She even made it to school on time, yay!

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  1. Looks like Convergys didn't suck your brain too dry. :) Love it. I need to remember this next time I am rushing with Samantha's hair.

  2. What a sweet hairstyle. Love those cute flower clips as well.

  3. I would have never thought to only do it on one side..cute!

  4. The best hair styles come from stuff you didn't mean to do lol it is cute gotta try it thanks

  5. You have some major talent! I can't believe all the cool things you can do with her hair.

  6. You managed to take photos and get to school on time! You are one talented lady.

    How do you get the parts so straight? My girls' hair seems to have natural 'cowlicks' all over their crown and makes parting very frustrating.

  7. Mum-me, I don't really know of any cool parting tricks. Just keep at it I guess. Sometimes I have to part something several times before it looks straight. And yes, I've found that it's almost impossible to get a straight looking part through a cowlick. The princess actually has one on the back of her head, so I know what you're talking about. :) It seems to help me a little bit if her hair is wet though. Good luck!

  8. that's a different hair style, but so cute. I love it's originality!

  9. Cute an createve! what more do you want?

  10. im doing this one in the morning & my daughter has a cowlick right smack on the top side of her head and makes me so mad it always sticks up but i filled a old hairspray bottle full of water and will use that to help me get my daughters hair this way and other styles also, i dont do the french braid styles tho becuase i dont know how to french braid.. :(


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