Jun 10, 2009

A Side Ponytail....With Something Extra

The day I did this one, I had no intention of making a hair tutorial (or a side pony for that matter.) I actually was just going to make some regular pigtail elastic braid thingys with different types of braids. If you can't tell, this is parted right down the middle and I was going to do the same thing on the other side. When I got to this point, I realized The Princess had to be to school in 5 minutes! So, I had an idea. Of course I grabbed the camera and....... Pulled the hair from the other side right over into a side pony!!Added some cute flowers from the Tinkerbell Boutique, and we were out the door!
From this side it almost looks like a regular side pony, right?But nope, it's actually not regular at all!
Just keep this one in mind if you ever run out of time halfway through a style. :) I actually ended up doing it again with french braid pigtails and she got tons of compliments from it. Who knew a mistake could become one of our new fav's??
She even made it to school on time, yay!