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4th of July Hairstyle

Start with 6 small ponytails across the top of her head, 2 rows of 3.Pull some red ribbon through the elastic of the middle front pony. (Try to make both ends the same length.)Split that pony in half and wrap the ribbons around both pieces of hair. Add them in with the 2 outside ponytails in the back. (Use a clip to keep one side from unraveling while you work on the other.)Same thing with the 2 outside ponytails, except don't split them. I brought this blue ribbon through the elastic the same way, then used both strands to wrap around the ponytail all in one piece. Add these both to the middle back ponytail.If you want to leave her hair down. Stop right here. Just tie the leftover ribbon into bows and you're done! (I added some white ribbon as well just for fun.)Or, if you want her hair up, you can keep going. Make 1 more row of 3 ponytails underneath what you already have. Take that middle ponytail and split it in half. You should have 4 blue ribbons in this pony. Take 2 on each side to do your wrapping. Add these in with the 2 outside ponytails beneath. Now you can take the 2 red ponytails on both sides, wrap them up and add them both to the middle.Now, make 1 more row (of 3) with all of the hair you have left.You could add more ribbons to the last row if you wanted, but I didn't really think it would be seen and I was getting lazy at this point.
Split the 2 middle ponytails on the top and bottom, then gather everything you have left on both sides into a set of pigtails to finish.
Of course, tie the leftover ribbons into bows on the pigtails.hairstyles for girls
Hairstyle with ribbons
4th of July hairstyle Some crazy fun hair for the fourth!

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  1. I'm going to attempt this for the 4th of July Parade!

  2. this one looks like fun! i hope my girl will sit still long enough for me to try it! :)

  3. I am SO doing this with my youngest hair this weekend. Thanks for the adorable looks.

  4. Wow! You've got some patience to get all that done - as does your model :) I don't think that'll work for my two-year-old yet!

  5. I think I'm going to do this for a pep rally at my High School, but use the school colors instead! Thanks for all your help!

  6. My daughter dosn't have enough hair yet, so I talked my sister into letting me try it. It looked awesome! Great ideas! I can't wait till my daughter grows some hair and I can try more!

  7. I think I'm gonna try that for the upcoming Christmas event.. so00 love it!! thanks for that wonderful idea :D xoxo

  8. These are precious! But I am hoping that you are being careful how often you are pulling her hair that tightly and for how long. I don't know if you have ever heard of alopecia? It is random baldness or baldness/ hair loss caused by trauma to the hair. I'm sure she enjoys having her hair done up in all these fun whimsical styles but please be careful, especially because she is young, you wouldn't want to do permanent damage! I could be off base but it's worth looking into just to be sure.

    1. Hi Kait,
      Yes, we have heard of alopecia and are very careful about the way we take care of her hair. I believe these pictures make the styles look tighter than they actually are sometimes. After I place an elastic, I always loosen it a little bit just to make sure there is no tension on her scalp. We also are very careful to change up her partings frequently to avoid any pulling in the same area for long periods of time. Her hair is actually very healthy, so I hope the precautions we are taking are working. Thank you for watching out for us!

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