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French Braids And A Messy Braid Bun

Make a box on top of her head. Split it in 2 and french braid both sections in opposite directions.

You'll have to ignore the crown here, LOL. It was a dress-up day at school and of course, she wanted to be a princess (what else?) Sometime soon I'll do a post showing how we got that crown to stay in (just in case someone else here lives with a princess.)

Anyway, make a ponytail and bring the braids from the front to combine with the pony. Make three small braids in the pony, leaving out some ends at the bottom.

Make one more big braid with the rest of the hair in the pony.

Loop 2 of the small braids back up through the elastic on both sides of the big braid, letting the ends stick out.

Now loop the last small braid up through the elastic underneath.

Wrap the big braid around everything, forming the messy bun and secure with an elastic.

K, if you're not playing dress-up. Here it is without the crown and some cute accessories from Every Little Detail instead!

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  1. Hey thanks for the shout out! Hmmm.. looks familiar! ;) I love this. She looks very cute - w/or w/o the crown!

  2. Wow! That looks adorable and so darn hard to do! You girl must sit like a statue, lol!
    Pimp that Hair

  3. Love it, you know with all these awesome styles my daughter is going to hate me when her hair gets longer. Im just now able to put her hair in two tiny braids! I'm hoping by summer her hair will be a little longer and I will be able to really start doing things.
    Would you have any ideas on how to make them keep thier ponies in , my girl rips them out all the time , but when I put in the tiny braids it doesnt bother her, Im thinking that it might be cause the ponies are to tight.

  4. Heyyyy c.u.t.e style! i have a new hair blog. i am a young stylist though. i am gonna add you, if you have a problem let me know! thanks.

  5. I just want you to know how much i LOVE your blog. Thanks for showing me so many ideas. my baby is still a baby and i can't really do anything yet.. but i like to play with my nieces hair. :)

  6. Lisa, My daughter didn't like anything in her hair when she was really little either. The older she got, the more she wanted it! It'll get easier!!

  7. Love it! I love all of these fun spring "do's" that are coming out. Do you have a cute hair style that would look cute with two small knotted bows?

  8. Ok you are soooo talented! You should do braids for money. When is the book coming out?

  9. I really, REALLY, like these!

  10. That's so pretty! We did a variation of that today on my oldest and she adores it. Thanks for so many great ideas!

  11. hi,
    I have been following your blog for quiet some time now, and i get TONS Of comments! My daughter is known threw out the WHOLE SCHOOL because of her fancy hair thank you for having such a wonderful blog! I would like you to come and check my blog out at I would like to maybe get you to advertise my bows on your blog, and in return i would send you FREE bows!! so check it out and let me know. thanks.

  12. I was wondering if you ever mentioned how you were able to keep her crown on. My daughter is being Cinderella for Halloween and I would like the crown to stay on her head all night. Any suggestions?

  13. wow, she looks so adorable with this braid, a true gorgeous princess.
    i use Curl Activator Lotion for my kiddo's hair but now i think i should go for braid like princess do.

  14. Excellent work. Really very adorable. I'm impressed. Best of luck.

  15. Hey, I'm 11 I love these hairstyles exspiecally the French braid and messy braid bun. I wish I could do these to my hair but every time I ask my mom she says later so I try it by my self and my mom says oh that is pretty good you just need a time where me and you can do it to your hair I get so mad but I guess I just need to keep trying. How do you get it to look so perfect I bet your daughter loves it

  16. So cute very well done!


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