Feb 12, 2009

Double Braided Ribbon Hearts

I don't have tons of time today, so you're getting the short version......This is basically a variation on yesterday's hairstyle. They look completely different, but are made almost exactly the same way. Start with your two reverse flipped piggies in front. This time run a ribbon through the elastic until both ends are the same length. Split the piggy in 2 and braid each side, using the ribbon as one of the strands in each braid.Do this on both sides.Now, instead of forming one heart like we did yesterday, make a heart on each side and add in with the ponytail. Again, I just braided and flipped the ponytail back up to the base and curled the ends.

BTW, this is another cute bow from Madibu Bows!

PS This will most likely be my last Valentines Day post. If you still can't decide which style to choose, I've made it easy for you to browse and posted all of mine together here: Valentines Day Hair

Check out the other hair blogs on my sidebar as well, there are tons of cute heart styles floating around out there!!