Jan 26, 2009

The Valentine Hairstyle

A Double Heart Valentine Hairstyle

I think the hardest thing about this one was making the parts! Just do the best you can to make a heart shape, split in two sections, and braid.After you get both sections french braided, braid them together at the bottom and add the braid to the ponytail. The look I was going for: A homemade valentine with rufflles or lace around the heart! I started sewing ribbon up the middle of the braids right where the single braid starts. Then, all the way up to the part, then back down all the way to the pony. (If I had it to do over again, I would have started at the base of the ponytail.... I don't know what I was thinking.)Pull the ribbon to the other side and continue sewing up to the part and back down again. You could finish this off in a variety of ways. We opted for a bow type bun thingy and some ribbon. ;)

Oh by the way, you've got to love "play" make-up supposedly made for little girls. It does not come off! This is why she looks extra rosey today!

Not my best attempt at doing hair, it's just been one of those days. But, it is..... different. You've got to give me that! LOL