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I'd Like To Thank The Academy.......

I'm so excited!! Thanks to "The Mom" at Babes In Hairland my blog is now rated E for excellent!! You have to go check out her site too. She's amazing with hair. Some of my daughter's new favorite styles came from her blog!

So, the rules that come with this award are.... Pick 10 blogs (yikes.) I'm doing less.....if you get nominated, do how many you want. (I got permission from "the mom" to cheat on this part, so it's legal.) Anyways, nominate those blogs for this award. Link to those blogs. Leave a message on those blogs so they know they are nominated. Then, come back and let me know you did it.

Okay, so these are the blogs I'm giving the award too. I'm trying to pick some that haven't already been chosen. In no particular order........

Pipers Hairdos This mom has super hair powers! I love this blog because most of her styles are really quick and cute!

Curls and Cowlicks If you have a little girl with not much hair, this is the blog for you! I'm amazed at what she can come up with (especially with so little to work with.)

Hair's Our Life This mom of 5 girls!?! (plus some boys) is new to hair blogging, but definitely not new to doing hair. I love what I see so far on her site and can't wait to see more. (Plus I just won an adorable spider on her site, so she totally deserves this award.) LOL

K- that's all I'm doing. I need to save some blogs for other people to nominate!!

Whould you like to comment?

  1. Hi, I just wanted to say I am enjoying your blog! My (almost 5 year old) daughter was diagnosed with leukemia at 2.5 and of course lost all of her long (never been cut) hair. Now, in remission, it has grown back and I hadn't done anything with it but now I like doing things with it as so inspired by your blog. So that's my AWARD to you!!

  2. Scrap yard Kath, I'm glad to hear your daughter is in remission, congratulations! That must have been really hard to watch your sweet little daughter go though something like that. Thanks for the nice comment!


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