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YOUR Girlie Hair Dos Show-Off Day

You guys have been VERY BUSY!! I have been loving all of your nice comments, chatting with you in e-mail, and seeing all of your fun ideas and pictures!! Today I wanted to show off some of the cute hairstyles you have done. I can't keep these to myself!

The mom who sent in this style and I were laughing because our daughters have "twin hair." The texture, color and length are almost identical. And even stranger.....I have a style almost identical to this one sitting in my hair folder. Too Weird!!

Anyway, for this style: Do a pull through above the pony, then space the elastics all the way down and do a pull through in between each of the elastics. I love this idea, very quick and very cute!! I should have passed this one off as my own, no one would have known the difference, right?

Next we have a couple of adorable sisters. Notice what a great job their mom did on the woven piggies and the heart!! TOO CUTE!!

Obviously this mom has some major hair skills. Here's a few more from her........ I especially love this picture with the puppy, how sweet!
Have you EVER seen anything cuter than this? I've got to go get some bright green bows!

Next, we have the woven tiara......with bangs!! This is one of my favorite styles. It's so fun to see it on another princess.

These next pictures make me wish my daughter was still little....kinda!! Look at this amazing transformation with the before and after, WOW!

Alright, I think that's it for today. Thank you so much for sharing your cute girls with me. I'm really enjoying the time my daughter and I have spent together working on this fun little hobby. I hope you're all enjoying it too. I've got some fun new styles coming up that I'm excited to post. Also, another giveaway is in the the works, so watch for that!!

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  1. Awww, so cute! Thanks for posting my pics on your site!! Your blog is my favorite!

  2. My girls thought that was so fun to see their pics on your site. Keep those great ideas comin! Your skills are creating oohs and ahhs, one head of hair at a time :>

  3. i love your site! Can you do a video on frenchbraiding?


  4. I love your site! It is my favorite. I have tried many of your styles on my daughter, some have turned out good, some not so..Thank You and I am excited about the giveaway!!!

  5. Great photos! I have long straight hair and am always looking for ideas. Any chance you could post some of the close up pic larger? I would love to see how some of the styles are done.
    Thanks, Erin-Joi

  6. So adorable! You are so talented!

  7. Here are my woven piggies! I did it this weekend and got compliments on how cool it looked! Thank you!!!

    Cool Hair


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