Sep 15, 2008

Snake Bun Hairstyle

It's been one of those mornings. I went to fix something on my sidebar and accidentally erased my links! So, I had to type them all back annoying.

Anyway, here's the other half of the 2-for-1 I promised you.

This one actually happened by accident. I was taking out this style and noticed that after I took out the twisting braids, her hair had these snakes in it. Of course I had to take full advantage of it! I just smoothed out the top and pulled everything into a low pony. Then, carefully made a bun with the little snakes by not pulling the hair all the way through the elastic. If your little girl's hair is on the longer side like ours is, you can do what I did and pull the hair halfway through the elastic twice, making two loops. (Does that make sense?)

Just make sure when you do the first style you do it with the hair really wet, or you won't get the snakes when you take out the braids. And, be careful when you're taking the braids out. Just gently pull the two strands apart from each other with out combing them out.

Of course, if you didn't want to do this style. You could just do a ponytail with some small, wet, twisting braids to get the same look.