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Picture Day Hair-Hairstyle For Pictures!!

The princess had Kindergarten Picture Day recently. I wanted to do something with her hair mostly down, to capture the length, but still done. This is nothing new or exciting, just simple and sweet..........

The night before, I put her wet hair in some medium sized braids all over her head to give it some curl. The morning of, we took the braids out, made a diagonal box on top of her head and french braided.

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  1. So pretty & thick. You're lucky!!!

  2. that is too funny! my daughter had picture day on thursday and that is exactly how i did her hair!

  3. Buck Family-That is funny! Great minds think alike!!

  4. Aw- how cute! Love it! Such a pretty length; my nieces all have hair that grows sooo slowly. My nephew is in Kindergarten and it's his picture day too. :)

  5. Fabulous - that look super super sweet :)

  6. You don't know me, but I found your blog from a family member. I tried one of your hairdos on my 2 year old who has as much hair, which is also as long as your daughters. I am sure that the difference in the outcome is probably their age and ability to sit still. Thanks for all the fun ideas- now if only I could find a way to get my daughter to sit still better! You can come see the photos I posted if you would like at

  7. Great Idea!!
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  8. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I LUV CHEEZECAKEY yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. tee hee hee

    1. you are too funny. i love cheesecake too yuuummm! lol


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