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Variation On The Classic Ponytail

Sorry if these pictures are a little confusing. I forgot to take a few along the way, so you'll have to piece it together.

Make a part halfway down her head, all the way around. Put in a temporary pony on top (to keep it out of the way.)

Now, here's the confusing part. The view of what's going on with the sides isn't shown right now, you'll see it further down on the finished product. But, you do this step now..................

Make 1 little pony in front. Then, make 2 ponies behind it and add the hair from the first one. Now, cross the hair from the two ponies and add it to the 2 ponies behind it. Keep going (on both sides) until you reach almost the middle, as shown..................

Take the temporary pony out and smooth it down to where the final pony will be, adding the piece on the bottom you left out. (And, I promise, she doesn't usually have a mullet.) Okay, now HERE'S the view of the side stuff.............And another view, just to make sure you can see what's going on............... Now, to finish off the pony..............You'll be left with 4 strands of hair. Take the bottom 2, cross them over the top of the pony, wrap them to the bottom and secure with an elastic. Now, take the top 2 strands, and again, cross them over the pony and wrap them around to the bottom. Secure with another elastic.This would've been cute left just like this.........But, we had some extra time. So, we added a few curls.

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