Jul 10, 2008

Woven Braids with Piggies

Ok, did anyone else ever make those woven hot pads with the little loom for your mom when you were little? Well, that is what inspired this style.

Start by making a part down the middle. Make another part across the top. Put the bottom sections in pigtails. Divide the top sections and make some braids. I did three in the front and two behind (on each side.)

Take all of the braids on one of the sides and cross them over to the other side to add to the pigtail.

Now, take all the braids from the other side and weave them through. (Alternating going under, then over each braid.) Add these to the other piggy tail.
Take the braids in the piggies out and make one big braid on each side. Then, loop them up, add them to the elastics and curl the ends with a flattening iron to spike out a little.