Jun 8, 2008

A Bun With Two Chains

This is one of my absolute favorites! I've found this works best when the hair is really wet. It makes it easier to smooth and tie.

Start by making a part on the top of her head. I chose a side part, you can do it in the middle if you prefer. Then, on each side of the part, keep two little boxes of hair out. (I put these in a temporary elastic to keep them out of the way while I pulled the rest back.) Make a low ponytail with the rest of the hair, smoothing the sides really well.

Starting on one side, take the two pieces of hair, cross, and tuck one end through the middle (like you are tying a knot.) Pull down to the scalp, as shown. Repeat this step, only this time, don't pull it tight. Leave a circle of hair by keeping it loose. Continue to repeat this, keeping the links of the "chain" the same size all the way down.

Leave the one side hanging, as shown, while you tie the other side the same way. Then, pull both chains back to the ponytail and secure with another elastic.

Now, you can make a bun by twisting the hair around itself and wrapping with a cute bow or scrunchy.

All done! Here's a side view.

I love these chains! They can be used to make tons of different styles. I'll probably be posting some different variations of it later on. So....stay tuned!