Feb 28, 2013

Magnet Braids & Half Up Hairstyles Tutorial

These cool braids which we are calling  "magnet braids" are cute, super easy, and fun to make!

magnet braids

Hope you enjoy our hairstyle tutorial this week. We love that this braid is quick and simple, but looks quite intricate and unique. I actually came upon this little trick by accident one day as I was making another hairstyle.  Bonus!  This "braid" requires no braiding skills at all..... just twisting! 

magnet braids half up hairstyle

Many cute hairstyles can be made using this technique, including the 3 half up hair style ideas shown in our video tutorial below.  The styles shown in our video will work best on medium to long hair.  But, if your hair is on the shorter side, there are options for using this braid in other ways.  We were able to make a single magnet braid hanging on the side in my niece's hair recently (which is only about shoulder length.) A little tip: Depending on the style you are doing, this braid will hold together better if you start with an elastic at the top.

magnet braid picture close up

Please enjoy our braiding tutorial below, featuring 3 cute hairstyle ideas :
(Twists in the back, a twisty knot, bringing the 2 braids on the sides together in the back.)

 *PS: Watch for a cash giveaway at the end of our tutorial! We want to thank our subscribers for helping us to reach 50,000,000 video views on YouTube recently! :)

One more idea.... The Princess wore this twisted ponytail hairstyle to school the other day, and I actually remembered to take a picture!  This style was started the same way as shown in our video above.  After combining the 2 braids on the sides into one braid in the back, I made 2 more magnet braids with the remaining hair (one on each side of the middle braid) and braided the 3 braids together.  Quick and simple!

twisty ponytail

Giveaway Details:

2 winners, each receiving $50 through paypal.

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To enter, please leave a comment under our video on YouTube for each of our accounts you are following. Up to 3 entries per person (one for following each of the links below.)




 We will randomly select the winners from all of the comments under our video on YouTube on Sunday, March 3rd. The winners will be notified via private message on Youtube.  We will also update here. Good luck!

UPDATE:  The 2 winners (chosen by random.org) are... YouTube users "J Shallow" and "maayanhillel"  If you are one of the winners, look for a message from us in your YouTube inbox.

Thanks for entering, everyone!
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Feb 21, 2013

Criss Cross Waterfall Twist Braids

A beautiful "X braid" (or criss cross braid) using the waterfall twist!

criss cross waterfall twist hairstyle

We absolutely love the ever popular waterfall braid / fairytale braid / fall through braid and the waterfall twist braid is probably our favorite variation, as it is so easy! Watch our original video tutorial showing how to make this simple braid here:  waterfall twist braid video. Many creative hairstyles can be made using this braid (we actually have a few filmed that we hope to post soon) so keep an eye out for those if you love this as much as we do!
X Braid

In this particular hairstyle, we used two diagonal twists to form a braided X at the back of her head. I love that the braids are quite subtle, not really disturbing the hair underneath.  It almost looks as if the braids are just floating there! 

This is a great hairstyle for teens. But if you have a little girl, you might be thinking that this style would never hold up at school or play!  Watch our video below for another option that will hopefully stay together better for you if you have an active child.

waterfall x braid

This is one of those styles that will work best with long (straight) hair.  But, if your hair is a little shorter, you could get creative and modify the style to fit your length.  For example: you could part your hair on the side and make a miniature X on one side of your head (up by the part.) We've been getting a lot of requests for styles for short hair and for different hair textures.  The thing is.... this is the hair I have to work with. ;)  The Princess's hair is naturally straight, and long.... it is what it is. Most styles can be modified to work with whatever hair type you have, although some styles (like this one) will obviously be better suited for certain types of hair. 

Criss Cross Waterfall Braid Twist Hairstyle Video Tutorial: Click here to watch directly on YouTube.

The princess and I are loving the unique and bohemian look of this hairstyle.  We hope you do too!

PS:  We finally got an Instagram account! You can find us @hair4myprincess, or by clicking here.
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Feb 13, 2013

Valentines Day Hairdos !!

Here's the Valentines Day Hair Post I promised :) I've picked several hairstyles that I think would be cute for Valentines Day. If you've been following this blog for awhile you've already seen some of these. But, I wanted to save you the trouble of searching and post them all together. There are a few new ones too. Take your pick!
Just click on the title of the hairstyle you want to try and it'll take you to the instructions if you need them.

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Feb 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Hairstyles, Sweetheart Braid

♥ A Sweet Braided Heart
Valentine's Day Hair Styles

A cute and fairly easy heart hairstyle for Valentine's Day.... or any time! This is actually the last heart shaped hair design we'll be posting this year.  If you haven't decided how you want to wear your hair for the big day and are still looking to find the perfect V-Day hairdo, we have quite a few pictures and ideas to choose from and browse through at this link:  Valentine's Hair

This half up hairstyle, which we are calling a "Sweetheart Braid" was created using rope braids (or twist braids.) We had a few comments on Youtube telling us that the finished design looks a lot like a pretzel.  I have to agree!  I guess you could wear this hair style and say it's a pretzel, or a heart.  Whatever you are feeling that day!

The Princess really likes this one because she feels it's a more "grown up" looking heart than some of the styles we have posted in the past. Sadly... she is not a little girl anymore! This could work for teens, tweens, little girls and maybe even moms.

Rope Braid Heart

Supplies Needed:
  • 2 small elastics
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Several bobby pins (smaller size work best.)
Sweetheart Braid Video Tutorial:

P.S.  If you choose to wear a heart hairstyle sometime this week, we want to see it!  Feel free to post your designs on our facebook page for everyone to admire.  ;) 

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Feb 6, 2013

Valentine's Day Hairstyles, Tiny Heart Hair

We wanted to do at least one Valentine's Day hairstyle this year that will work for little girls, toddlers, and baby girls (as well as "big girls.") If your daughter's hair is baby fine, thin, or on the shorter side, this cute heart hairstyle is for you!

Btw, all of the heart shaped hair you've been seeing lately doesn't have to be just for February and "V-Day." I'm thinking hearts in your hair would be so cute on a flower girl (at a wedding) or any time really!

 I think I mentioned before that "The Pea" had "cut" a lot of bangs (or fringe) quite a ways back onto her head lol.  So, I started the heart back a little further than I normally would.  If your daughter doesn't have bangs, you can incorporate all of the hair on top of her head.  Just do what works with the head of hair you are working with.  ;) 

To create this style you will need:
  • 2 small elastics 
  • Ribbon (we used about 18 inches.)  Of course, if you would rather not use ribbon, you could braid or twist the two strands of hair forming the heart shape instead.)
  • A topsy tail (optional.) We found ours at Hair Flair Boutique.
Valentine's Hairstyle Video Tutorial:
(Be sure to watch the end of this one.... lol.)

P.S.  Thanks so much for liking, pinning, and sharing our hairstyles.  We love seeing all of the support from you guys... it means a lot!

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