Apr 14, 2013

Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair

We've had many requests for prom hair styles recently, so I wanted to share a few styles that I think would be pretty for Prom.  

Included in this "Formal Hairstyle Gallery" below are: Down do's, updos, curls, braids, buns, flower braids, waterfall braids, etc. I know some of you prefer sleek, sophisticated styles.... while others are envisioning more of a bohemian, slightly messy look to go with your Prom dress.  How fun! 

*Click on the link below each image to find the tutorial for each hairstyle.

Half Up Hairstyle With Curls:

Taylor Swift Inspired Hairstyle:

A Soft And Feminine Side Swept Hairstyle:

Twists and Upside Down Braid:

A "Messy Bun" Updo:

A Unique Variation on the Popular Waterfall Braid:

Flower Bun Updo:

A Braided Down Do:

A Bohemian Down Do:

Sleek And Simple Bun:

My daughter (the model in these pictures) obviously has quite long hair, but some of these styles can be adapted for shorter hair as well. Hope you have a great time at your Prom! 
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Apr 11, 2013

No Heat Wavy Hair How To

Create beautiful and effortless heatless waves (or loose curls) overnight using "Bandana Wraps."

heatless waves

Today's tutorial is a quick and easy method showing how to get wavy hair or "bandana waves."  No curling irons, flat irons, curling wands, or other damaging heat tools are required to achieve these "beachy waves."  ;)

No Heat Waves Close Up

Supplies needed:
  • 2-6 bandanas or similar sized pieces of fabric (depending on the thickness/texture of your hair and how tight you want the waves, you can use more or less.)  We found our bandanas at Walmart for $1 each.
  • Several cloth covered elastics or rubber bands to secure the ends of the "wraps."
  • Damp hair seems to work best for us. If the hair is too wet, it will not dry completely and the waves will fall out quickly in the morning. You may also want to add some pomade, gel, or mousse to your hair before you wrap it up (if you hair does not hold curl well.) If you do not have time for your hair to dry over night, you could try a blow dryer to speed things up. (Although, if you are trying to avoid heat.... using a blow dryer isn't completely heat free.)

The half up hairstyle shown at the end of the video was created by simply pulling the sides back into a twist and adding a cute headband. I'm thinking.... casual beach wedding flower girl hairstyle?  ;)

beach waves hair
beachy waves tutorial

How To: No Heat Wavy Hair Video Tutorial:

As shown in our video tutorial above, this "wavy beach hair" was created by making a figure eight braid (or infinity braid) with the strands of hair wrapping around the bandana. I came across this no heat waving method a few years ago on a site called "Rapunzels Resource" (which unfortunately doesn't seem to be active anymore.) But, we wanted to say thank you to that website! We have been using this technique quite often ever since. We both love how quick, simple, and comfortable to sleep in these wraps are.

P.S. If you love "no heat styling" but are looking for more of a tight curl instead of a wave... check out our nylon curls tutorial.

FTC The adorable dress the Princess is wearing was gifted to her by LightInTheBox.com and can be found here: LightInTheBox (opinions expressed are always our own.)

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Apr 4, 2013

Messy Bun and Elastic Braid Hairstyle

A cute and easy hairstyle for girls of all ages.

elastic braid and messy bun hair

This style uses tiny rubber bands to form what we call an "elastic braid" or "puff braid."  This isn't rocket science, but very quick and fun.  I try to keep things fairly uncomplicated and simple while working with toddler hair. (Btw, she is 2 yrs old in case you are wondering.)

This would be a great style for dance, gymnastics, cheer leading, and other sports (as the elastics help to keep the style in place.)  If your daughter has a cute short haircut, but wants to put her hair up in a ponytail, pigtails, or bun... adding some sort of elastic design first will really help you.

messy bun

I have mentioned this before, but our "little Pea" has some shorter pieces of hair on the top of her head. Adding tiny ponytails (or connectors/netting/puff braids) work well to keep these stray hairs in the style and out of her face. If you are trying to grow out your bangs (or fringe) this technique might work for you as well. 
messy bun for short hair

One major advantage those of you with short hair have, is how easy it is to make a messy bun with your hair.  Making a messy bun on "The Princess" or long hair, can be quite a task sometimes.  "Our Pea" has the perfect length and hair texture for the quick and easy bun shown in our video. 

How To: Elastic Braid and Messy Bun Video Tutorial

Of course, if you are comfortable french braiding or dutch braiding, that is another option with this style.  I find french braiding quite difficult on a squirmy toddler with super fine hair, but maybe that's just me!

braid and bun

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