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Nov 29, 2012

Spiral Braid Ponytail, Twist Hairstyles

An Easy, Quick, and Cute Hairstyle

cute spiral braid hairstyle
This easy spiral twist hairstyle is actually a redo of one of the very first styles we ever uploaded to Youtube (back in 2009.) You can find the original post on our site here: Twist Hairstyle

I decided the video needed to be redone because our prior tutorial only shows one step in the style and it doesn't make sense if you are watching directly on Youtube. I didn't realize back then that some of you watch our videos on Youtube itself, rather than from our website (which shows the rest of the instructions in picture form) until we started getting comments on Youtube asking us how to finish the style lol.  Duh!

spiral twist hairstyle
We love this style because it is so quick and easy. It's also a great alternative if you don't know how to french braid. If you can twist, wrap, and tuck, you can do this.  We chose to make a rope braid as the base for this style, but any type of braid can be used. This also reminds me a bit of a french twist.

spiral twist ponytail

I have seen several hair videos and pictures on Pinterest of hairstyles which use a headband to create this same type of look, and also as a method to create no heat curls. This is the same concept, but without the need for a headband.  If you are using this hair style to make curls, I would suggest either braiding the hair in the ponytail, or adding that hair into the twist (so that all of her hair will be curled) instead of leaving the ponytail down like we did here.

twist hairstyle

This hairstyle is versatile and can be made with wet or dry hair, curly or straight.  In our video, the Princess's hair is damp.  But, in the picture below, we styled her hair dry.  It turns out great either way.

wrap and tuck hairstyle

Spiral Braid Ponytail Video: Click here to watch the tutorial directly on YouTube.

This would be a great hairstyle for sports since it stays in quite well.  But, is also "fancy" enough for more elegant occasions such as a flower girl, church, recital etc.  The Princess wears this hairstyle to school quite often (since it is quick.) 

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Jun 22, 2010

4th of July Glowing Hairdo!

This hairdo is a "Princess Original!" She came up with this fun fourth of July hairstyle idea all on her own. :)

You may remember the collection of hairstyles for the 4th of July that we posted last year. You can browse through those if you're in the mood, and here's another crazy one to throw in the mix!

Of course this isn't the only hairstyle you could make "glow." After the Princess decided she wants glow sticks in her hair while she watches the fireworks on Independence Day, we had to come up with several more fun hairdo options using them! I'll post a few more if I get time before the 4th.

This one was fairly quick and easy. I made 3 cornrows with a zig zag part.....
cornrows Then added the glow sticks! My advice would be to put them in right before you head out at night. The glowsticks we got lasted about 8 hours. They will probably burn out before you want them to if you add them too soon.
4th of july glowing hairstyle This hairstyle would not only be fun for the 4th of July, but maybe even crazy hair day at school or at a night time party or sleep over!
The Princess was pretty excited about this one as you can tell in this video showing how to add the glow sticks......
Oh and the best part? She had darling curls after we took out the french braids for church the next day. 2 for 1!
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Nov 6, 2009

Knotty, Knotty - A Cute Messy Do!

Oh goodness. I just found this one in my drafts dated back in July of 08! For some reason I didn't include any step by step pics. Oh well, it's pretty self explanatory. Enjoy!

Make your zig zag part first. Then add the knots one side at a time. Add the ends from the previous section to the next knot all the way down. Pull everything together at the bottom and make some kind of a messy bun. (Just make sure to add an elastic at the bottom of each knot. Otherwise they will come undone.)

knotted hairstyle I remember this picture, lol. She was trying to blow a bubble! :)
hairstyle for girls Try not to make everything too perfect. Part of the charm of this style is the messiness!
knot hairdo
knots in hair
cute hairstyle I also found this extremely old video showing how to do a knot. The sound stinks and it's not the greatest. It was actually taken for a different style that I lost the pictures for (yes I'm really organized) but the concept is the same. You get the idea, right?

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Sep 14, 2009

Video Tutorial - Modified Twisty Hairstyle

hairstyles for girlsStart with some kind of a center part (we did a zig zag) and another part from ear to ear.

Braid the 2 sections and tie them together with an elastic at the back.

The next steps are easier to explain by showing........

Keep going until you get to the middle and tie it off with an elastic

Repeat on the other side and add a cute bow. We got this adorable, sparkly Tulle Flower Clip from Shimmy Shimmy Bowtique!

twisty hairstyleIf you wanted to wrap one braid all the way around her head and end in a side pony, you could do that as well.princess hairstyletwisty braidFrom start to finish, this took 6 minutes. Another good one for school!

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Apr 21, 2009

Quick and Easy Braided Pretzel

I haven't posted anything quick for awhile, and I know sometimes you just need something quick. So, I dug through my hair folder to see what I could find and came across this one: A 5-10 minute cute do!
Start with a regular old set of braided pigtails. We did a zig zag part on top which isn't necessary, but I like it this way.Take one of the braids, fold it in half and put the end back through the elastic at the top of the braid.Now take the other braid and bring it through the loop you just made with the first braid. The same way you did the first one, put the end of the braid back through the elastic at the top of the braid.It should look something like this. (If your daughter's hair is a little shorter, try making the braids closer together to give you a few more inches to work with.)To keep it from drooping, place the braids where you want them and pin with a couple of crossing bobby pins. (I only used 2 bobby pins and it held all day long.) If you look closely you can see where I pinned it, at the top, to the left of the part.Add some cute clips or bows. We got these "ribbon flowers" from "Kaytebug Boutique."

I didn't even curl the ends. Just added a little hairspray, fluffed them a little and let them sprout out freely! I wanted it kind of funky and messy looking. If the ends bug you, you could hide them or curl them. Just do whatever you like. This would also be cute made with twist braids. Or for a different look, up a little higher on her head.
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Feb 6, 2009

Another Heart Hairdo..... Sort Of

This didn't quite turn out how I thought it would. Instead of a heart, it looks more like an oval. Oh well, it's still cute, and you can learn from my mistake and make it more heart shaped if you want to try it. This is how you start. And this is where I made the mistake. Make the straight part in the middle a little longer than I have it here and start your first ponytail closer to the middle of her head (towards the back of the part.) I think that would fix the problem.Keep going. After you make the straight part on top, make a zig zag part down to the bottom. The idea is that it's supposed to look like a broken heart. At least that was the idea....See..... oval, not heart shaped. I really should have put one more set of elastics right there in the middle above the zig zag.

Whatever, it was a good try..... Right???

K- I just did some browsing and another hair blog She Does Hair has almost this exact same style posted! We must be on the same wave length. What's even funnier? She made the same mistake I did with the shape. hehe If you want another take on it, go check hers out too!!
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Jan 14, 2009

French Braid Broken Heart Hairstyle For Girls

K- I don't have a name for this one. I'm drawing a blank, it's just been one of those blah days. If you think of something-leave me a comment, I'll re-name it.

Thanks to a reader, this has now been named "The Broken Heart!" Make a part from ear to ear, then a zig zag part down the center. French braid each side, continuing with the braids down a ways. Temporarily secure both braids and make a pony with the bottom section of hair. Add the braids in with the pony and braid the pony itself. (Leaving some ends out on the bottom.)Flip the ends back up to the top of the pony and secure with an elastic. We added a scrunchy, you can if you want, but it's up to you. Spike, curl, or just let the ends lay like we did. (It's still wet here, it'll look better later-after it has had time to dry.)

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Aug 28, 2008

Tuck and Flip Braid Piggies

I love these tuck and flip braids because there are no elastics showing. The pigtails just spout right out of the braid! For instructions on how to do them, go here.

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Jul 15, 2008

3 Zig Zagged Knots

Make your parts first, putting each section in temporary elastics. When you're ready for the knots, take the elastics out and tie the knot by wrapping the hair around your fingers and pulling the hair through the loop. (Add an elastic to the end of the knot, otherwise it WILL come undone. Put the elastic as close to the knot as you can and surround it with hair to hide it.)

You can stop here if you want.
Or, add a few curls, why the heck "knot?" Yes, I'm a nerd, people!

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