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Mar 8, 2017

3 More Cute Half Up Bun Hairstyle Tutorials

3 braided half up bun hairstyle tutorials

Today we are sharing 3 of our favorite half up bun or top knot hairstyles.  Add 4 more cute half ups from last week, and you have an entire week of styles!

These particular 3 styles are some of my daughter's favorites at the moment.  We love that these braids are intricate looking, yet still fairly simple to create.  Half up bun styles in general are very popular and trending right now and there are so many variations that you could do!  We actually have a huge running list of half ups that we love and wear regularly. We may have to make a part 3 of this series at some point.

3 Favorite Half Top Knot Hairstyles, Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Half up bun hairstyle variations included in this video:

1. Crossed dutch braid cornrows

Crossing cornrows half up bun hairstyle tutorial

2. Topsy tail flipped ponytails

Topsy tail top knot hairstyle tutorial

3. Triple feather braid

Triple feather braid top knot hairstyle tutorial

Of course, these styles can be finished with any type of bun you would like.  We choose to do a stretched out braided bun, similar to a rosette or flower braid for all 3 hairstyles.  You could also make a messy bun, twisted bun, sock bun, etc. if you prefer.

These hairstyles would be great for both casual and more formal occasions. And since we are only using the top section of hair, these styles should work for fairly short hair as well as long.   Yay!

Supplies needed to recreate these hairstyles:
  • Medium or small clear hair elastics
  • Bobby Pins
  • Topsy tail (affiliate) for hairstyle #2 
  • Finishing hairspray or gel
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Mar 1, 2017

4 Cute Top Knot Hairstyles, Half Up Bun Tutorials

Cute and easy half top knot halrstyle variations, video tutorial.

The popular and trendy half "top knot" is a cute and easy hairstyle for school, work, casual activities, dates, or even more formal occasions. For today's video tutorial we show 4 fun variations.

All of these half up hairstyles are "mix and match" meaning the pulled back front section can be matched up with any type of bun.  (Braided, twisted, messy buns, donut buns, etc.)

4 Half Top Knot Hairstyles, Video Tutorials: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Although half up bun hairstyles have been a popular among teens and preteens, these styles would also be great for women and little girls.... and maybe even guys (the man bun!)

*Hairstyles included in this video tutorial:

Hairstyle #1 - French braid with braided bun.

French braid with braided bun half top knot hairstyle.

Hairstyle #2 - Double cornrows with braided bun.

Double dutch braids with braided bun hairstyle.

Hairstyle #3 - Double twist backs with rope braid bun.

Double cornrow twists with rope braid bun hairstyle.

Hairstyle #4 - Elastic braid with folded twist bun.

Elastic ponytails with twisted bun hairstyle.

Supplies needed to recreate these hairstyles:
  • Small or medium, clear hair elastics.
  • Bobby pins.
  • Finishing hairspray or gel.
These hairstyles should work with long hair, medium hair, and even short hair.  Straight, wavy and curly.

P.S. Be sure to check back next week for "top knots part 2."  We have more fun variations filmed that I'm sure you will love!
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Aug 10, 2016

3 Quick and Easy Back To School Hairstyles

3 Quick and Simple Braided Hairstyles. Back To School Video Tutorial.

We love quick and easy hairstyles and braids for school mornings and since it is "back to school time" for a lot of you, we wanted to share a few simple style ideas that my daughter frequently wears to school.  None of these hairstyles are super unique or extra special... but classic, cute styles that we use on a regular basis.  We are hoping all 3 of these are doable even for those of you who do your own hair!

P.S. We have already filmed more of our "go to" hairstyles and will be posting them in the next few weeks, so be on the "look out" if you are wanting more quick and easy ideas for school hair! 

3 Easy Back To School Hairstyles, Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Hairstyle tutorials included in this video:

#1 Infinity braid side accent.

Infinity braid side accent hairstyle.  Back to school hairstyle ideas.

#2 Twisted crown tie back, half up hairstyle.

Twisted crown tie back, half up hairstyle.  So cute and easy for school.

#3 Front and back twist with side braid.

French twist in the front and back with braid.  Easy hairstyle for school mornings.

These styles would be great for teens, girls, or even busy moms. All three styles should work with long hair, medium hair, fairly short hair, straight hair, wavy hair, or curly hair.

*Supplies needed to recreate:
  • Just one hair elastic for all 3 hairstyles!
  • Finishing hair spray or gel (optional.)

If you love 5 minute hairstyles, you may like the following hairstyle ideas we posted recently as well:

7 easy hairstyles part 1

7 easy hairstyles part 2

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven't already. We have more "back to school" hairstyle videos coming throughout the month of August for you!
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Apr 20, 2016

7 Quick & Easy Hairstyles For School

7 quick and easy hair tutorials for school

This week we are showing 7 quick, easy, and heatless hairstyle tutorials!

Since my daughter is now a teen in middle school aka junior high, she does her own hair before school every morning.  She is always looking for cute, easy, (and most importantly) QUICK hairstyles that she can do herself (DIY.) For this video we have pulled together 7 of her "go to" hairstyles (one for each day of the week) that we think would be fashionable and simple for teens, tweens, or any age.  These styles aren't anything super unique or intricate, but we are hoping this video will help add to your collection of every day hairstyle ideas. 

7 Easy Hairstyles For School, Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Hair tutorials included in this video:

*Pull-through braid on top

Half up pull-through braid tutorial

*Half up messy bun / top knot

Half up messy bun tutorial

*Knotted tie back

Knotted tie back hairstyle tutorial

*"French knot" hairstyle

French knot hairstyle tutorial

*Side braid accent

Quick hairstyles, side braid accent

Faux waterfall braid / lace braid

Fake waterfall braid or lace braid tutorial

*Faux lace braid & fishtail braid combo

Faux lace braid, fishtail braid combo hairstyle tutorial

Most of these styles will work with most hair types: Long hair, medium hair, short hair. Curly, wavy, or straight.

If you would like to see more 5 minute hairstyles like this, be sure to let us know.  We can do a part 2!
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Aug 26, 2015

Hairstyles For Sports, Woven Twist Headband

Woven twist headband hairstyle tutorial

Today we are recreating a fun hairstyle from our website which we initially posted way back in 2010. You can click over to see our original "pictorial" and check out "the princess's" short hair if you are curious!

She has worn this woven headband many times over the years and especially loves it for sports. This hairstyle is great for soccer / football, gymnastics, dance, figure skating, ballet, tumbling, swimming, running, basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, etc. Elastic styles (such as this) really help to keep your hair out of your face while exercising and hold up well, even with a lot of activity. We love the unique woven accents in this headband, which make this hairstyle pretty and interesting to look at, as well as functional.

Woven Twist Headband Video Tutorial:  (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

There are several different options for finishing this style. You could create the woven headband and leave the rest of her hair down (curled or straight.) Or you could add a ponytail, bun, braid, pigtails, etc. with the remaining hair. (We have included a few example pictures below.) Also, if you would rather braid the individual strands in the headband before you weave them, you can do that instead of simply twisting the hair like we did.

Top view of the headband with a ponytail....

Woven twist headband and ponytail hair tutorial

Again, styled with a ponytail. This is her favorite way to wear this hairstyle for soccer.

Cute hairstyle for gymnastics, woven twist headband

And, with a messy bun....
Hairstyle for sports, woven twist headband and messy bun

This headband could also be worn as a cute transitioning hairstyle for those of you who are in the process of growing out your bangs. We know what a painful process that can be. ;)  And although "the princess" has long hair at the moment, this will work with fairly short hair as well.  When we first created this style, her hair was just above shoulder length and it worked just great!

Supplies needed to recreate this look:
  • Small hair elastics (8-15 depending on how you make the headband.)  The brand we usually use is called Goody Ouchless.
  • Water, gel, or pomade to help control flyaways.
  • A "rat tail comb" is helpful for parting out the hair into boxes, but not absolutely necessary.
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Apr 15, 2015

Candy Stripe Waterfall Braid Tutorial

Candy stripe waterfall braid tutorial

A cute and easy waterfall braid!

If you have been following our hairstyle blog or YouTube channel for awhile, you may remember seeing several styles utilizing what we like to call a "candy stripe braid" (which involves simply wrapping ribbon around a strand of hair.) Fairly recently, we decided to try and combine our candy stripe braid with a waterfall braid and the "candy stripe waterfall braid" was born!  We love how this end result turned out.

A few more fun styles using the "candy stripe" method are linked below:

Snowflake Ponytail
Ribbon Shamrock Hairstyle
Candy Stripe Woven Pigtails

Candy stripe waterfall braid with lace french braid

Of course, there are many different hairstyles that can be created using this fun new braid.  As an example, we have included a picture (above) of the candy stripe waterfall with an added lace french braid underneath. I could also see this braid being used to accent many updos and braided combination hairstyles.  The possibilities are truly endless.

Candy stripe waterfall braid, easy tutorial

If you have trouble with waterfall braids, or braiding in general, this hairstyle is actually very doable... as there really is no intricate "braiding" involved.  If you can form a simple twist, you should be able to master this in no time.  Also, this hairstyle should work with fairly short hair, medium hair, and long hair.  Yay!

As mentioned in our video tutorial (below) we have also shown a different waterfall braid using ribbon previously on our blog called the "waterfall ribbon twist."  This candy stripe waterfall actually ends up looking quite different from the waterfall ribbon twist, even though the concept is similar.  This braid also tends to hold up better for more active days and isn't so fragile, which is always nice.

Supplies needed to recreate this braid:
  • A piece of ribbon, yarn, lace, string, etc. The ribbon we used is 1/4 inch thick and approximately 2 feet long.
  • 2 small elastics (one for the top of the braid, and one for the bottom.
  • Hairspray, pomade, or gel (optional)

Candy Stripe Waterfall Braid Video Tutorial:  Click here to watch the tutorial directly on YouTube.

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Oct 16, 2013

Candy Corn Hairstyle For Fall

 An "Elastic Web" Hairstyle Inspired By Candy Corn!  Cute Hair Style For Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Fall In General.
Candy Corn Elastic Hairstyle
Some of you may remember the "candy corn style" we posted several years ago on our Princess?  This has been one of our all time favorite hairstyles for Fall and I feel bad that we never made a video tutorial.  So, this is a remake for all of our YouTubers

This hairstyle is great because it works with short hair, thin hair, thick hair, medium hair, and of course, long hair. Pretty much any hair texture or length (and as you can see, even toddler hair.)  This is also a very easy hairstyle to complete with no braiding skills required! 

When we first did this style on the princess, we left her hair down and added some curls.  This time (on the pea) we chose to pull the rest of her hair into a side ponytail with a messy bun.  I love the look of the "candy corn" laying on the side of her head, but if you prefer, you could definitely start the first row along the front (bringing the design straight back to the middle of her head.)
Candy Corn Fall Hairstyle Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

Quite a few miniature, mulit-colored rubber bands (the amount will depend on how many rows of elastics you choose to make.)  We purchased ours at Walmart and the brand we prefer is "Goody Ouchless." We used orange and yellow bands this time.  Of course, you could add in white or brown as well if you want, as candy corns come in several different varieties.  ;)

Candy Corn Hairstyle Video Tutorial:
(Be sure to watch the end of this video for a fun clip of "The Pea!"

I realize that many of our Halloween hair ideas are fun, but might be considered rather obnoxious for certain occasions (for example the spider bun!)  But, I think this candy corn style is subtle enough that it could look nice even for church or school.  Most people would probably not even realize it is supposed to be a candy corn and just think it is a cute hairstyle!
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May 22, 2013

Cute Hairstyles, Shoelace Knot Bun And Pigtails

2 cute and easy hairstyles for gymnastics, sports, dance, etc. 
For short hair, as well as long!

"shoelace knot" bun gymnastics hairstyle
Hey guys!  Our video tutorial this week features two simple hairstyles made using "shoelace knots." These styles should work great for those of you with toddler or baby hair, thin hair and short hair!

 The first option (with a shoelace knot in the back and bun on top) would be a pretty hairstyle for sports, dance, swimming, gymnastics, figure skating, or school. The elastics help to hold the hair in place, so it's less likely to fall out of the ponytail (as shorter hair tends to do sometimes.) This is also more of a grown up look compared to the pigtail variation below. And even though my darling 2yr old niece is modeling this hair style... I think it would be cute on older girls as well as toddlers!

 P.S. The bun we used in this style was created using the technique shown at the following link:  Messy Bun For Short Hair

cute knotted hairstyle for toddlers, gymnastics, sports, etc.
Previously we have done a "backwards french braid" starting at the neck, heading up into a ponytail (or bun) which is a popular look right now.  These knots are a good alternative for those of you who don't know how to french braid, don't have time to french braid.... or you have a daughter who isn't very excited about flipping her head over while you braid!
shoelace knot hairstyle tutorial
I only managed to get this one photo (showing the top of her head) of our pigtail hairstyle, so it's kind of hard to tell what's going on in the picture above.  (You can watch our video to see the completed style in its entirety.)

There are many variations that can be done using these knots. If you want to leave the hair mostly down, you could make the 4 little ponytails on top with the knot in the center and leave the rest of the hair as it is. (Which is basically what you can see from our picture above.)  Or, you could put the rest of her hair into a ponytail, pigtails, or bun.  As you will see in our video, we actually made a knot at the top of her head and at the back of her head before bringing the remaining hair into pigtails.  If the hair you are working with is long enough, you could made a series of knots all the way down her head if you want to!

Shoelace Knot Hairstyles Video Tutorial: Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

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Feb 6, 2013

Valentine's Day Hairstyles, Tiny Heart Hair

We wanted to do at least one Valentine's Day hairstyle this year that will work for little girls, toddlers, and baby girls (as well as "big girls.") If your daughter's hair is baby fine, thin, or on the shorter side, this cute heart hairstyle is for you!

Btw, all of the heart shaped hair you've been seeing lately doesn't have to be just for February and "V-Day." I'm thinking hearts in your hair would be so cute on a flower girl (at a wedding) or any time really!

 I think I mentioned before that "The Pea" had "cut" a lot of bangs (or fringe) quite a ways back onto her head lol.  So, I started the heart back a little further than I normally would.  If your daughter doesn't have bangs, you can incorporate all of the hair on top of her head.  Just do what works with the head of hair you are working with.  ;) 

To create this style you will need:
  • 2 small elastics 
  • Ribbon (we used about 18 inches.)  Of course, if you would rather not use ribbon, you could braid or twist the two strands of hair forming the heart shape instead.)
  • A topsy tail (optional.) We found ours at Hair Flair Boutique.
Valentine's Hairstyle Video Tutorial:
(Be sure to watch the end of this one.... lol.)

P.S.  Thanks so much for liking, pinning, and sharing our hairstyles.  We love seeing all of the support from you guys... it means a lot!

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Jan 3, 2013

Gymnastics Hairstyles, Twist Link Ponytail

A Hairstyle For Gymnastics, Sports, Dance, Figure Skating, Cheer leading, Swimming, etc.

gymnastic hairstyle
This fun "elastic hairstyle" is great for holding your hair back for gymnastics and other sports. We love it because it's quick and easy! You could finish this style with a ponytail, bun, pigtails, or by leaving the rest of the hair down.

This cute hairstyle is actually a simplified variation of one of the very first styles we ever posted on our blog (back in 2008) which can be found here:  Twists to the side hairstyle

toddler hairstyles

Of course, this style doesn't have to be just for gymnastics, it could also be a darling every day look. This hairstyle is perfect for toddlers and babies with fine (thin) hair or short hair and seems to hold up quite well on a busy toddler.  ;)

Our little Pea has bangs (or fringe) but if you don't, you could incorporate the hair in the bangs area into the elastics in the front.
hairstyles for sports

Gymnastics hair tutorial:

The tiny elastics we used in this video are called "Goody Ouchless" and are perfect for tiny sections used in making elastic net hairstyles (or as my daughter calls them.... spider web hairstyles.) The elastics come in a box of 250 with 3 different sizes.  We purchased them at Walmart.
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Dec 20, 2012

Christmas Hairstyles, Candy Cane Side Ponytail

A Cute Christmas Hairstyle For Girls
Christmas Hair Styles

This video tutorial shows how to make a cute candy cane braid hairstyle (perfect for holiday parties and Christmas.)  I'm loving this holiday hair style because you don't need to know how to french braid or do anything too fancy to create it... and it's quick.

Candy Cane Hair Style

We have had many requests for more hairstyles featuring our darling 2 yr old niece/cousin (The Pea.)  Isn't she just so cute?

Christmas Hairstyles For Toddlers
 This style can be done with or without bangs, and on short hair or long hair.  If the hair you are working with isn't quite long enough to reach into a ponytail, you could try making the candy cane and then parting out a small section of hair directly underneath, to add it into (similar to the way we did our heart hairstyle for babies.)

Candy Cane Ribbon Braid
Each time we have done a toddler hairstyle in the past, we always get questions about how we get her to hold still for a hairstyle.  The simple answer is that she doesn't hold still (as demonstrated in our video below.)  ;)  She is a perfectly normal (squirmy) 2 yr old, and we wouldn't have her any other way!    

Toddler Christmas hairstyles
Supplies needed:
  • 3 small elastics
  • Ribbon (about 4 feet) 
  • Plastic craft needle
  • Topsy tail (optional)
  • Brush or comb
Candy Cane Hairstyle Video Tutorial: Click here to watch directly on YouTube.

This festive ribbon style would be darling on toddlers, babies, little girls, tweens, and "big girls."  The Princess is planning on wearing this hairstyle Christmas Eve!

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Mar 8, 2012

Criss Cross Braids, Toddler Hairstyles

Toddler And Baby Hairstyles
Simple And Quick Criss Cross Braids

cute toddler hairstylesOur Princess likes to call this hairstyle "criss cross applesauce."

This style could work with any hair type, texture, or length (short hair or long hair, curly or straight.) It's a good one for toddlers or babies who have very fine hair and is great for keeping bangs (or fringe) out of the eyes. We actually do this style quite often on our 9 year old Princess as well, so it doesn't have to be just for babies.

This is also a fantastic hair style for gymnastics, sports, and dance. You could make the criss cross braids and bring the rest of her hair back in a ponytail or bun if you wanted. Or, you could add more sections and braids all over her head to form a spiderweb effect.

We love the "lattice" look shown in the photo above with the extra ponytail added in the back. But if you prefer (or if you are working with super short hair that isn't going to make it into one more ponytail) you could leave that out to form one braided X as shown below.....
braided hairstyle for babiesHere's our toddler hairstyle tutorial featuring the darling "Pea":

Hope you are enjoying our toddler hairstyles as much as we are enjoying creating them! "The Pea" has been such a patient little model for us. ;)
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Feb 6, 2012

Braided Headband - For Short Hair Too

Braid Headband:
A simple, quick and cute hairstyle.

braided headbandIf you are a regular visitor, you may have noticed that The Princess's hair is much shorter here. (No, we didn't cut her hair.) This hairstyle has actually been sitting on a "missing" card for a few years and was done right after we donated her hair to "Locks of Love." I was ecstatic to find this card which has many cute hairstyles that were never posted. YAY

To begin this style, you will want to make some "barbie bangs" by making a small part in the front and then take the hair on either side of the part and using water/gel slick it down behind her ears. (If you have bangs or fringe, you can skip this part.)
barbie bangsAfter you get the hair in the front smoothed down and arranged how you want it, bring the ends together in the back and tie together with a small elastic. (If your hair is not quite long enough to meet in the back, you could secure each side behind her ears instead.)
bangsNext, grab a small section of hair behind the Barbie Bangs - on the side of her head and braid. (You will want to make sure and leave some hair out in front and on top of this section to help hide the parts later.)
3 strand braidBring the braid over the top of her head to the other side and secure it in place by grabbing a small section of hair (behind the barbie bangs) and rubber band the braid/hair together. You could use bobby pins if you prefer, but elastic bands seem to hold better for us. This technique should work with fairly short hair! If you have longer hair, of course you could start the braid underneath her hair and bring it all the way around her head instead.
securing headbandAfter you have the braid secured, you will probably want to try and hide the rubber band and parts on the other side of her head. To accomplish this, we added some curls with our curling iron and strategically placed them in a way that covered both where the braid started and ended. In the picture below, you can see that the first 3 curls we made are curled towards her face to help cover the rubber band.
plaited headbandAnd, the same curling technique was used on the other side to hide where the braid started.....
headband braidWe actually used this style for her picture day hairstyle at school one year. I love the simplicity and classic look of it.
picture day hairstyleA side note: I can't get over how much she has grown up and how long her hair has gotten since this picture was taken. Everyone always says it, but it's true! They grow up so fast!!
braided headband with curlsHope you enjoyed our easy and quick hairstyle tutorial for short hair. Sometimes simple can be very cute! :)
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