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Sep 23, 2015

Hourglass Braid, Cute Hairstyles

Hourglass braid hair tutorial

For our hairstyle tutorial this week, we have combined several braiding techniques: Dutch braids,  feather braids, rope braids, and a double twist to create a fun "hour glass" braid hairstyle.

This style would be great for school, sports, and other casual occasions.  We love that these braids stayed neatly in place all day when "the Princess" wore this recently.

Cute hairstyle idea, the hourglass braid

We have used the double twisting technique featured in the center of this hairstyle several times before in the past, most recently in our "arrowhead braid" half up style.  We love the pattern the twist makes with the rope braids all combining in the center of this style. Of course,  If you want to use more than 2 braids on each side, you can definitely add as many as you like.  Also, French braids can be utilized instead of Dutch braids if you prefer.

Hourglass braid hairstyle using dutch braids and rope braids

Hourglass Braid Video Tutorial:  (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Hourglass braid hair tutorial

Supplies needed to recreate this style:
  • Several temporary hair ties or clips to keep the braids from unraveling while you work.
  • 2 medium elastics for the bottom of the braids
  • gel, pomade, or water to help with flyaways
  • finishing hairspray
This hairstyle will work best with medium length and long hair, curly, wavy, or straight.
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Jun 17, 2015

Star Hairstyle Tutorial

Braided Star Video Tutorial, Cute 4th Of July Hairstyle

This star hairstyle for the 4th of July has been a yearly tradition at our house since our daughter was 3 years old!  I'm guessing some of you have the same tradition?  We have noticed over the past couple of years that this braided star hairstyle has become very popular on social media as well as in "real life" for many little girls on the fourth of July. This style is perfect for 4th of July parades, watching fireworks, family barbecues, swimming, etc. Although I'm sure there are plenty of tutorials on the internet already, we wanted to add this fun style to our "how to" video collection as well. After all, it is one of our favorite holiday hairstyles!

We originally did a pictorial for a rope braided variation this style on our website way back before we even did YouTube in 2009.  And then added a "glowing star version" in 2011.  But we somehow have not gotten around to filming a video for the original standard braided star pigtails until this year.  Better late than never, right?

Now that "the Princess" is getting a little bit older, she is planning on a more "grown up" look for her 4th of July hair. (Spoiler alert, watch for that next week!) So, we invited my cute little niece to be our model for today. You may remember "the pea" from several toddler hairstyle videos on our YouTube channel when she was just a baby.  Can you believe she just turned 5?! She is so adorable and looks very cute wearing this star hair style.
Easy Star Hairstyle Tutorial

This basic concept can be used to create several different star hair variations, depending on your preference.  We have used rope braids, fishtail braids, ribbon braids, and multi strand braids to form the star in the past.  And instead of pigtails, you can finish off this style with buns, or braids if you prefer. When "The Princess" had shorter hair, we did sort of a "mini star version" using ribbon. If you have short hair, you can check that out here: Star Hairstyle For Short Hair  

Supplies needed to recreate this style:
  • 5-8 small hair elastics.
  • Accessories such as festive ribbons, bows, etc. (optional)
  • Gel, pomade, finishing hairspray. (optional)

Star Hairstyle Tutorial, How To Make A Braided Star (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

If you are still undecided on how to wear your hair for the 4th of July this year and are looking for more ideas, we have several hairstyles to browse through on our website here: 4th Of July Hairstyles 

Happy Independence Day to all of our American viewers!
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Apr 9, 2014

"Equestrian Braids" Double Braid Knotted Hairstyle

A cute, casual hairstyle featuring 2 braids and a knot!
Equestrian Braids Hairstyle Tutorial

For today's tutorial, we have taken some ordinary pigtail braids (also known as "Pocahontas braids") and added a knot in the center to spice things up a bit. 

We are naming this one "equestrian braids" as The Princess thought it would be a cute hairstyle for riding horses!  If you actually are into riding horses and wear a helmet while riding, the knot can be placed directly below where the helmet normally sits.  Of course, this style doesn't have to be just for horse lovers and cowgirls!  This would be a cute hairstyle for school, sports, and other every day activities.

"Equestrian Braids" Hairstyle Tutorial

This braided style is great for keeping hair out of your face... adorable as well as functional.  And the best part, this one is super easy and quick, with no French braiding skills required.  ;)

Double Braids Knotted Hairstyle

As shown in the photo below, the braided knot can be tied together tighter, for a slightly different look. And don't worry, even though it sounds strange to purposely make a "tight knot" in your hair, in our experience, it really does come apart easily when you are done.... just like a braid.

Pigtail Braids Knotted Hairstyle

In this next example, we have made the knot very loose, with a large gap in between the knot.  This variation might require a couple of bobby pins at the top of the knot to help keep things in place.
square knot braided hairstyle

Supplies Needed:
  • 2 small hair elastics
  • 2 medium hair elastics
  • Finishing hair spray (optional)

This hairstyle will work best with long hair, or medium length hair.  Curly, straight, or wavy.  Perfect for little girls, tweens and teens.

Equestrian Braids Video Tutorial: Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

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Mar 26, 2014

Woven Lattice Pigtails, Princess Hairstyles

A cute hairstyle for girls
Woven lattice pigtails video tutorial
Our hair tutorial this week is a video for one of our favorite (and most popular) hairstyles from the past: woven pigtails. We posted this style (shown below with messy buns) on our website back in 2008, before we started doing YouTube videos. Since that time, we have received many requests for a tutorial... and 6 years later (2014) we are finally getting around to it!  Better late than never, right?  ;)  Can you believe, the Princess was only 5 years old in the pic below?  She is now 11. Crazy how time flies!

woven lattice pigtails with messy buns

This is one of the princess's favorite hairstyles for gymnastics and dance, since all of the hair is pulled back out of her face and it tends to hold up quite well, even with a lot of activity.  Beyond the functionality of this style, of course she also loves the attention she receives when she wears this one (as it is quite unique and eye catching.)

weaving pigtails hairstyle tutorial
Below, is a top view of the style (showing how we did the partings.)  We chose a side part for her "bangs" this time, which seems to be more flattering.  Of course if you prefer, you could do a center part in the front.  Or if you want, you could start the twists up at the front of her hairline and skip parting out the bangs area completely.  Whatever makes you happy!

woven pigtails, partings

pigtails with woven strands
There are a variety of ways this style can be created. As shown below, you could braid the woven strands using rope braids or regular braids instead of just twisting them like we did in the photos above. Or, the stands of hair can be woven without any twisting or braiding at all, but it is more difficult to keep them separated this way and will require you to place a rubber band at the top of each section as well as adding gel or pomade to prevent flyaways. 

The pigtails can be left down, curled, or finished with buns or braids. However you want to wear this hairstyle, it is sure to bring in compliments.  ;)
woven pigtails with rope braids
Supplies needed:
  • 4 medium size hair elastics (more if you are going to be making buns)
  • A temporary clip to help keep the twists in place
  • Water, gel, wax, or pomade (to help with flyaways)

Woven Lattice Pigtails Video Tutorial: Click here to view the video directly on YouTube.

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Nov 20, 2013

Criss Cross French Braids Hairstyle

How To Make French Braid Pigtails, With Twist Accents

Criss Cross French Braids Hair Style Tutorial

FYI, we actually filmed this cute braided hairstyle over the summer (notice her fun sun dress/swimsuit cover up.)  We were headed to the lake the day we did this one.  Sadly we won't we seeing much warm weather (or the lake) for awhile around here. Fall/Winter is now upon us!

But, whatever the season, these criss cross rope braid accents are a fun way to spice up some plain old classic French braid pigtails.

French Braids With Twist Braid Accents Tutorial

As long as you know how to French braid, this style is not difficult and actually does not take up much more time than standard French braid pigtails.  It really is a quick and easy hairstyle. We choose rope braids (or twist braids) for our braided accents.  Of course, you can do any type of braid you want.  This style can also be done with Dutch braid pigtails (instead of French braids if you prefer.)  As shown in our video tutorial below, there are also several different designs you can make with the accent braids (depending on the length of hair you are working with.)

Cute Hairstyle Tutorial, Criss Cross French Braids

Supplies Needed:
  • 4 small hair elastics
  • Comb
  • Finishing hair spray or gel (optional)

Criss Cross French Braids Video Tutorial:

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Oct 28, 2013

Crazy Hair Day Hairstyle!

"Cupcake Pigtails"

crazy hair day "cupcake pigtails"
We weren't planning on making a tutorial today.  But this hairstyle turned out pretty cute, so I decided to share this quick "crazy hair" idea with you.  

This was one of those last minute things.  You know when your child tells you it's crazy hair day (the morning of) and you get to whip something up in 5 minutes?  Yeah, that's one of the fun things about being a mom! This hairstyle should work great for a time like that.....  as we tested it for you this morning. :)
Cupcake pigtails hairstyle fo crazy hair day
Step by step instructions:

1. Make a set of pigtails.
2. Take 2 cupcake liners and cut a hole in the bottom of each one with a pair of scissors.
3. Twist up the hair in the pigtails (to hold the hair together) and thread the ends through the holes in the cupcake liners (one at a time.) 
4. Push the liners up to the top of the pigtails on each side.
5. Wrap the hair up into buns inside the liners, and secure with clear elastics. You can make any type of bun you want.  She wanted this to look like "swirled frosting" so I took the hair, twisted it, and wrapped it around itself.
6. (Optional) Decorate your "cupcakes." We stuck a candle through the center of each of the buns for a birthday cupcake look.  You could also add glitter, "colored frosting" (hair chalk or spray,) a cherry... whatever you want!

Crazy Hair Day

We would love to hear your crazy hair ideas in the comments. Or, if you have pictures of styles you have done in the past, please feel free to share them on our facebook page!  It is always fun to see what you guys come up with.

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May 22, 2013

Cute Hairstyles, Shoelace Knot Bun And Pigtails

2 cute and easy hairstyles for gymnastics, sports, dance, etc. 
For short hair, as well as long!

"shoelace knot" bun gymnastics hairstyle
Hey guys!  Our video tutorial this week features two simple hairstyles made using "shoelace knots." These styles should work great for those of you with toddler or baby hair, thin hair and short hair!

 The first option (with a shoelace knot in the back and bun on top) would be a pretty hairstyle for sports, dance, swimming, gymnastics, figure skating, or school. The elastics help to hold the hair in place, so it's less likely to fall out of the ponytail (as shorter hair tends to do sometimes.) This is also more of a grown up look compared to the pigtail variation below. And even though my darling 2yr old niece is modeling this hair style... I think it would be cute on older girls as well as toddlers!

 P.S. The bun we used in this style was created using the technique shown at the following link:  Messy Bun For Short Hair

cute knotted hairstyle for toddlers, gymnastics, sports, etc.
Previously we have done a "backwards french braid" starting at the neck, heading up into a ponytail (or bun) which is a popular look right now.  These knots are a good alternative for those of you who don't know how to french braid, don't have time to french braid.... or you have a daughter who isn't very excited about flipping her head over while you braid!
shoelace knot hairstyle tutorial
I only managed to get this one photo (showing the top of her head) of our pigtail hairstyle, so it's kind of hard to tell what's going on in the picture above.  (You can watch our video to see the completed style in its entirety.)

There are many variations that can be done using these knots. If you want to leave the hair mostly down, you could make the 4 little ponytails on top with the knot in the center and leave the rest of the hair as it is. (Which is basically what you can see from our picture above.)  Or, you could put the rest of her hair into a ponytail, pigtails, or bun.  As you will see in our video, we actually made a knot at the top of her head and at the back of her head before bringing the remaining hair into pigtails.  If the hair you are working with is long enough, you could made a series of knots all the way down her head if you want to!

Shoelace Knot Hairstyles Video Tutorial: Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

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Oct 11, 2012

Fishtail Braid Bohemian Pigtails

 A Hunger Games Inspired Hairstyle

Hunger Games Hairstyles, Fishbone Braids

These fun fishtail braid pigtails are inspired by a hairstyle I remember seeing in the Hunger Games Movie (although I don't exactly remember which character wore them.) I think I was paying more attention to the many braids and hairstyles than the actual movie itself when I watched it!  I'm pretty sure it was either a "Glimmer hairstyle" or a "Prim hairstyle".... also I did change the hairdo up a bit from the image I had in my head, just to make it our own.  Another fellow hairstylist (which I adore) on Youtube recreated a similar style from the movie awhile back as well and I thought it was so darling. You can find her video here- Letsmakeitup1 for a few more cute ideas if you like this type of  braided style.

Hunger Games Braided Hairstyle
My daughter loves this look because the pigtails seem more "grown up" than the usual variety. I  think these pigtails could work for older girls as well as little girls. I may even wear my hair like this if it were long enough!  We're both loving anything with fishtail braids right now and anything "Bohemian" looking. Since this style is more of a relaxed look, you don't need to worry about getting the parts straight or braiding perfectly.  Just go with the flow!  If I did this hairdo again, I may even add some waves  or curls to her hair first, to give it a little more texture.

Prim Hairstyle
Hunger Games Fishtail Pigtails

Hunger Games Hairstyle Video Tutorial:

This hairstyle should work with long hair and medium hair, curly or straight.

I'm also thinking this could be a cute Halloween Hairstyle that would work with several different costume ideas. Pocahontas, maybe? 

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May 24, 2012

Mermaid Fin Braid and Updo Hairstyle

2 French Braid Hairstyles

mermaid braid hairstyles

Both of these cute french braided hairstyles (in the image above) were created by using a plait we are calling the  "Mermaid Fin Braid."  The Princess pointed out that the braid's triangular shape reminds her of a Mermaid's tail, or fin! 

french braid hairstyle
This Mermaid Braid hairstyle is quite unique looking, but is also fairly easy and quick to create! You will start by making a set of pigtails, then french braid them together, forming the triangular shaped braid. This is a great hairstyle for long hair. If you are working with shorter hair, it might help to make the pigtails closer together (to give you more length to work with.)
mermaid fin braid
You could either leave the mermaid braid "as is" or create a fun braided updo by pulling the braid inside out (as shown in our hairstyle video tutorial below.) The Princess wears the regular mermaid fin to school quite often, as it is a cute 5 minute hairstyle that stays in place well throughout the day. The curly updo could work for a special occasion such as church, a flower girl, prom, communion, recital, wedding, etc.
cute updo hairstylecurly updo

Braided updo with curls
We created the curls for the updo using our regular old curling iron, then used a few bobby pins to help place the curls where we wanted them to fall.

The "how to mermaid fin braid video tutorial" Click here to watch directly on YouTube.

The Princess and I have really enjoyed both of these cute hairstyles.  Feel free to pin on Pinterest and share on Facebook!

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Sep 22, 2011

Toddler Hairstyles, Elastic Braid Pigtails

Hairstyles for babies, toddlers and little girls.

We're doing another hairstyle that will work with short and baby fine hair today. This hairdo isn't anything unique or exciting, but oh so cute and classic. Of course, this doesn't have to be just for babies! Our 8 yr old princess wears this hairstyle either with the elastic sections alone for school, or up in pigtails/ponytails for soccer, gymnastics and dance quite a bit.

We had a few people ask about this hairstyle when we posted about The Rapunzel Wig, so we thought we better do a tutorial!
baby with pigtails We have found that elastic braid hairstyles are great for keeping baby hair in place. If she wears just a plain ponytail or pigtails... her hair will probably fall out of a style in a few hours. With some sort of elastic design added, the hairstyle will stay in place much longer. Even with naps and lots and lots of playing!
toddler hairIs there really anything cuter than a little head with piggy tails??
toddler hairstylesHope you enjoy our circus-like tutorial: ;)

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Sep 15, 2011

Fishtail Braid Woven Pigtails

Back To School Hairstyles

Today we're doing another request. One of our fans on facebook (Lauren) sent in a picture of these cute woven looking pigtails wanting to know if we could make a video showing how to recreate the style. I'm not going to post the original picture that she sent in, because I'm not sure where it came from (or who's child is in the photo.) We've actually done this hairstyle before, but never posted it on our blog and had forgotten about it. So I was super excited to see it again and add another back to school hairstyle to our collection. ;)

I'm thinking this would be a great school day style, as it only takes a couple of minutes to complete and looks so cute besides!

If you know how to do a basic fishtail braid, this should be easy for you!

fishtail braidOf course, you could make this style with or without the ribbons.
fishtail braid pigtailsNormally when we're talking about pigtails, I think of a little girl. But these pigtails seem "grown-up" enough to work for a tween/teen or maybe an adult? What do you think? I might wear this if my hair was long enough!
woven pigtailsI'm liking that this hairstyle has a relaxed, almost messy look.... but still finished looking.
fish braid pigtailsHere's the quick and easy video tutorial. Enjoy!

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Jun 21, 2011

4th Of July Hairstyles, The Glowing Star

Hairstyle Idea For the Fourth Of July or Crazy Hair Day!

You may remember the Star Hairstyle we posted a few years ago and the Glowing Hairstyle our princess came up with last year? Well... we combined the two to make this fun "Glow Stick Star" Hairstyle for the 4th of July this year:4th of july hairstyleOur princess has big plans to wear the regular braided star hairstyle on the 4th while she's watching the parade, and then add the glow sticks (when it gets dark) for the fireworks later that night!
star hair styleI'm thinking this would be a great hairdo for crazy hair day at school as well. An attention getter for sure. :)

In case you are wondering, we found these glow sticks at our local dollar store. They come 5 in a package and are the type that can be made into bracelets. I've also seen them at Walmart and target.

Here's the video tutorial: (Click here to watch directly on YouTube.)

Watch for the princess's little brother and his "surprise" appearance towards the end lol.

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Apr 14, 2011

Never Ending French Braid Bun

French Braiding, Circular Style

We're calling it the Never Ending French Braid Bun because it's hard to tell where the braid starts and where it ends! This could also be called a French Braid crown, a Starburst Braid, or a Halo Braid. Well, whatever you want to call it... it's a fun and unique french braid hairstyle that probably isn't done very often!

You could do this hairstyle in several different variations. We actually did a hairstyle using this same concept awhile back in a half ponytail. You can see that one here: Rays of Sunshine Hairstyle.

Here is the hair style using one single braid/bun:
french braided crownOr, you could double the braids up and make french braid pigtail buns!
circular french braidsIn pigtails, this actually reminds me of a Princess Leia Hairstyle. ;)
princess leia hairHere's the video tutorial:

Of course if you wanted to, you could add some flowers or ribbons to this hairdo. I think it would be an adorable Hairstyle For Easter Sunday!
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Aug 13, 2010

Chutes and Ladders Hairdo

Silly name, I know. But, do you see the "chutes and ladders" in this hairstyle? Yep, we've even resorted to using board games to name a hairstyle. :) What next?
hairstyle for soccerSo, begin by parting out a square on top of her head and putting the rest out of the way in a ponytail for now. Then, make a diagonal part in the front of the square, smooth the hair to the side and secure with an elastic. This will make the first "chute."
Then part out another row and make a "ladder" by adding elastics all the way across the row. (When you get to the end, add in the ponytail from the first section.)
Add another chute......
And another ladder and chute. Just keep going until you get to the back of the square.
At this point, you can add some pigtails, a ponytail, a side ponytail, braids. Whatever you want!
hairstyle for sports I thought this might be a cute hairstyle for soccer or gymnastics. I like hairdos that keep her hair out of her face for sports.
gymnastics hairstyle We took out the messy pigtails before she went to bed and left the top in while she slept. In the morning, we added some quick pigtails and she was ready in 2 minutes. Sometimes recyclable hairstyles are nice!
pigtails with bows
cute hairstyle for little girls
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