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Jan 11, 2017

How To Bathe A Cat

How to give a cat a bath, video tutorial

How to give a cat a bath who hates water... without getting scratched. :)

Hey guys! Our family got a surprise kitten 1 year ago for Christmas (which was my daughter's favorite gift of all time!) We have been wanting to do some fun videos with her, but haven't gotten around to it until now.  Hope you don't mind something different from our usual hair tutorials once in a while. Maybe (if we can find the time) keep an eye out for more cat videos in the future occasionally on our YouTube channel.

How To Bathe A Cat, Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

A few of our best tips for bathing a cat:
  • Start when the cat is a kitten and bathe regularly to get them used to the water.
  • Clip his or her nails before you start to avoid getting scratched.
  • The kitchen sink works better for us than the actual bath tub since it is higher and smaller.
  • Have all supplies ready and within arms reach before you start.
  • Brush the cat before the bath and after.
  • Make sure your house is warm before bathing.
  • Don't give the cat a bath too often or their skin will get dry.  We usually bathe our cat about once a month unless she gets unusually dirty.
  • Some cats will allow you to blow dry them on a low setting until they are dry.  Our cat is not one of them! The blow drier scares her, so we don't bother with it.  It is not worth scaring your cat if she really hates something.  
  • Clean your sink before and after the bath, especially before using it for anything food related.
  • The water should be warm.  Not too hot or too cold.
  • If you have someone to help you, the process is so much easier with 2 people!
  • If your cat is especially scared, work quickly (and calmly) to cut down on the time she is in the water.
As you might have noticed in our video (above) our cat doesn't like the water, but she isn't completely terrified of it either.  She hated it at first, but we had to bathe her a few days after we got her because she got into a huge mess and was filthy. After that, we decided to try and help her warm up to the idea with regular bathings so that she wouldn't be so terrified if we (inevitably) had to give her a bath again, and it has worked.  She is actually quite calm after the initial "getting in" part. ;)

P.S. The shampoo we used in our video is called "mane and tail" (affiliate) and was recommended to us by our local shelter when we adopted our kitten. It seems to leave her fur soft, smooth, shiny and smelling nice.  Our cat doesn't seem to mind it and has been healthy and happy with us bathing her with it regularly. We purchased it at Walmart. Strangely enough, I've actually heard this shampoo and conditioner is great for human hair as well, although I have not tried it yet.
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Jul 20, 2016

Hair Brush Straightener Review

Hairbrush straightener review. Tested on naturally wavy, curly, frizzy hair.

Today we are reviewing the "Simply Straight" hair brush straightener (as seen on TV.)  We saw a commercial for this product quite awhile ago and have been wanting to try it ever since.  Then a few months ago we noticed that it was available at our local Walmart, so we went ahead and purchased it.

We are testing this heated brush on naturally wavy, slightly curly, color treated, fairly thick, and generally frizzy hair.  I allowed my hair to air dry after washing it and did not add any hair products except for heat protectant before using (to see what this brush could do on its own.)

Hair Brush Straightener Video Review: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

As shown in our video, this product did mostly straighten my hair, but left it frizzy looking and not completely smooth.  Although It was fun, fairly quick, and easy to use, I felt that I needed to touch up my hair with a curling iron or flat iron afterwards to make it look presentable.... which kind of defeats the purpose.

On the box, this product claims to be "safe and gentle" with "salon quality results."  I can agree that this would probably cause less damage than a flat iron, since your hair isn't being completely flattened between two hot plates giving direct heat, but heat is still being applied (up to 450 degrees) so I can guess that damage will still occur while using this brush.  As with any heated tool, I would suggest using heat protectant, and to only use it occasionally. Also, we were not able to achieve salon quality results in my opinion. 

I could see this being useful if you wanted to quickly straighten your hair before finishing with a curling iron or flat iron to smooth things out completely (as shown in the bottom photo below.)

Naturally curly hair, before hair brush straightener.

Results after using hair brush straightener.

Hair brush straightener results, after touching up with curling iron.

There are several brands of these ceramic electric brushes available and I have only tried "simply straight." Some others I have heard of are: DAFNI, Apalus, Jouvelle, Femjolie, Uspicy, Conair, Chi, Vega, FHI, and Avon.  The simply straight brush was priced at around $40.  The other brands I have seen range from $19 to over $200.
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Jul 22, 2015

DIY Hair Smoothing Treatment

At home hair treatment recipe and tutorial. Coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil.

 Our video tutorial this week is showing part of our hair care routine: How to apply a DIY / at home deep conditioning hair treatment. Our friend, LaTisha (who is a professional hair stylist) taught us this hair treatment recipe.  You can check out her awesome fashion blog here:  "The Girl In The Yellow Dress."  This coconut oil and olive oil "hair mask" can help your hair to feel and look healthier, softer, smoother, silkier, less frizzy, and more shiny. 

Smoothing hair treatment video tutorial:  (click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

We want to add a disclosure that these ingredients are meant to improve the overall condition of your hair, but this treatment will not magically transform your hair into something other than its natural texture (which should be embraced.) ;) The Princess's hair is naturally and genetically straight and smooth... this treatment did not make her hair this way, although I do feel like it has made her hair more shiny and healthy looking.  I have been using this recipe as part of my routine recently on my own hair (which is more frizzy, wavy and coarse than my daughter's) and have seen an improvement in overall softness, shininess and texture, but of course... my hair is still wavy, slightly frizzy, etc. as that is its natural state.  This recipe is beneficial for helping with damaged hair, dry hair, brittle hair, and bleached hair.  If you are trying to grow your hair out, this could also help you to go a little bit longer between trims, as it can help to prevent damage from heat and every day styling.

Hair Smoothing Solution Ingredients: (Links to example products below are affiliates.)
  • 1/4 Cup Coconut Oil.   Pure, organic or virgin is best.
  • 1/8 Cup Olive Oil.  Again, try to find something pure or virgin.  I would recommend avoiding "flavored" oil as it tends to smell weird.
  • A few drops of Argan oil or Moroccan oil.  

*This hair recipe can be doubled, halved, etc.  Just remember to use 2 parts coconut oil to 1 part olive oil.  The initial investment on this formula can seem quite expensive upfront, but I have found that the ingredients last a very long time. If you have extra solution leftover, you can store it in a container and use it later to avoid wasting it.

If your hair is very damaged and dry, I would suggest leaving this treatment in overnight for optimal results.
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