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Sep 6, 2017

Homecoming Hairstyles, Flower Pull Through Side Braid

Gorgeous Homecoming hairstyle. Pull through braid on the side with rosette accents. Video tutorial.

Looking for a hairstyle for Homecoming? You'll love this beautiful side pull-through braid style with braided rose accents! This hairstyle may even be easy enough to do on yourself as a DIY Homecoming or Prom hairstyle! We know many of you will be going to the Homecoming dance in the near future, so we thought it would be fun to do a formal hairstyle tutorial this week. If you are looking for more Homecoming hair ideas, we have shown several fancy updos and half up styles in the past. Feel free to look through our Prom hairstyles for more ideas!

Flower Pull-Through Side Braid Video Tutorial (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

We have fallen in love with the look of the ever popular pull through braid and especially love it swept loosely to the side with the edges stretched out voluminously. We decided to take this glamorous style to the next level by adding some rolled flower braid accents to the center of the braid. Of course, you can add as many braided roses as you wish. If you wanted even more glam, you could incorporate jewels, other hair jewelry, or accessories to the finished braid, or in the center of your rosettes.

Cute Homecoming hairstyle. Pull through braid with flower braid accents. Video tutorial.

This hairstyle turned out so beautiful and would look stunning with a fancy Homecoming dress, for the Prom, or other formal events such as a wedding (for the bride, bridesmaids, flower girls or guests.) Although this style is quite simple, I think it is really gorgeous and would stay in place through lots of dancing and look great in photos!

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • Several small or medium size, clear elastics. (The amount will depend on your hair length and thickness of sections.)
  • Bobby pins.  We prefer using miniature pins (affiliate) when we are creating the rosettes as they are easier to hide.  
  • Finishing hair spray.
 This style will work best with long hair, or at least medium length. If your hair is on the shorter side, you could possibly opt for a half up variation of the style.
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Aug 30, 2017

14 Easy Hairstyles For School Compilation! 2 Weeks Of Heatless Hair Tutorials

14 cute hairstyles for school! Video tutorials.

Today we are sharing 14 cute and easy back to school hairstyles. 2 weeks of hairstyle ideas all in one video! Trendy and popular braided hairstyles, twists, messy buns, and half up hairstyle ideas for school.  These are all heat-less, 5 minute hairstyles for medium length and long hair.

This hair tutorial video is a compilation of hairstyle ideas for the 2017 - 2018 school year. We had a request to put our simple styles from our "back to school series" all in one place (to make it easier to find a specific hairstyle in the morning) and we thought it was a great idea!  All of the tutorials in this video show DIY hairstyles and quick styles that my teen daughter wears on a regular basis. A fun collection of every day hair styles for busy school mornings.

14 Back To School Hairstyles, Compilation Video:  (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Hairstyles featured in the video (above) with timestamps for quick searching:

Part 1:
#1 Windsor tie half up knotted hairstyle. (Inspired by Sam Villa) 0:17
#2 Single lace french braid 0:57
#3 Side lace braid rose 1:42

Part 2:
#1 Side twist ponytail 2:15
#2 Double twist ponytail 3:13
#3 Double lace braid hairstyle 4:01

Part 3:
#1 Double French braid space buns, messy buns, or top knots 5:43
#2 Dutch braid faux hawk half up hairstyle 6:48
#3 Triple twist half up hairstyle 7:43
#4 Triple twist fishtail braid 8:26

Part 4:
#1 Boho braids and twists half up hairstyle 9:52
#2 Lace braid part line hairstyle 11:11
#3 Ponytail cascade 12:35
#4 Triple twist messy bun w/ headband 13:23

We didn't feel like any of these hairstyles needed super detailed step by step instructions, but just a quick overview showing the partings and basic process of creating the styles.  We do have several videos on our YouTube channel showing how to french braid, fishtail braid, and dutch braid if you are wanting more detailed tutorials.

These hairstyles would be great for middle school, high school, and college students, although any age could wear them.
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Jul 26, 2017

3 Quick and Easy Back To School Hairstyles, Part 1

3 back to school hairstyle ideas. Quick and easy video tutorials.

3 cute and easy back to school hairstyles! Trendy and popular braids, knots, hair rosettes, and half up hairstyle ideas for school.

This hair tutorial video is "part 1" of our back to school hair ideas series for the 2017 - 2018 school year.  We will be posting several more videos featuring lots of easy and simple hairstyles in the upcoming weeks! All of these videos will be showing DIY hairstyles and quick 5 minute styles that my teen daughter wears on a regular basis to school.  Nothing super creative or extravagant, but a fun collection of hairstyle ideas and every day styles for busy school mornings to browse through when you are in a hair styling rut.
Back to School Hairstyles Video Tutorial, Part 1: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Hairstyles featured in today's video:

#1 Windsor tie half up knotted hairstyle. (This style was inspired by a video we saw on facebook by "Sam Villa.")

Easy windsor tie half up hairstyle tutorial.

#2 Single side lace french braid.

1 lace french braid, hairstyle for school.

#3 Side lace braid rose.

Side lace french braid with braided flower. Back to school hair ideas.

We didn't feel like any of these hairstyles really needed detailed step by step tutorials, but just a quick overview showing the partings and basic process of creating the styles.  We do have several videos on our YouTube channel showing how to french braid and lace braid if you are wanting more detailed instructions for those braids.

These hairstyles would be great for middle school, high school, and college students, although any age could wear them.

Hope you guys like these back to school hairstyles.  See you next week for part 2!
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Jul 13, 2016

Cornucopia Braid Half up Hairstyle

Cornucopia braid hair tutorial

Our hairstyle tutorial this week is a variation of the "stingray braid" (which we have previously done a tutorial on) combined with an elegant braided flower.  I was playing around with the stingray braid (which is one of our favorites) and fell in love with how it looked when I tried pulling the feathered strands over and braided them in on the opposite side of the French braid.  After filming the tutorial of this braid, my husband told me that the finished hairstyle looked just like a cornucopia! After pointing this out, I couldn't see anything else, so this is the name that stuck! Many different and unique hairstyles can be made by using this technique shown in our tutorial, below...

Cornucopia Braid Half Up Hairstyle, Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Cornucopia braid half-up hairstyle

Gorgeous half up hairstyle, the cornucopia braid

Pretty hairstyle with braided flower, the cornucopia braid

We decided to leave half of her hair down, and added a braided rosette to the bottom/side of the braid for a sweet and feminine touch.  If you wanted to make an updo hairstyle instead of a half-up, you could easily add in all of the hair you are working with and end with the rosette at the nape of the neck.  This cornucopia braid could also be created by using a dutch braid instead of a french braid for a slightly different variation.  This elegant hairstyle would be great for a wedding, prom, church, recital, communion, etc..

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • 2 clear hair elastics
  • Several bobby pins
*This hairstyle should work best on long hair, medium hair, straight hair, wavy hair and possibly curly hair.  You may want to use pomade, gel, wax or other product if your hair is prone to flyaways, frizz, or if you have layers.

P.S. I thought I had seen something similar to the top half of this hairstyle on Instagram, so I looked.... and looked! And sure enough, I finally found the braid I had remembered, the "flip over ladder braid" on an awesome account called "Abellas Braids."  Although we both created the braid in a different way, the end result looks very similar, so be sure to check hers out for a different method if you love this one!
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May 25, 2016

Melting Braid Tutorial and Cute Hairstyle Ideas

Melting braid hairstyle tutorial

This week's hair tutorial is a fun and unique braid which we are calling the "melting braid," as it looks like the bottom strand is literally melting away from the rest of the braid.  ;)  This technique could be used to create an endless amount of hairstyles and variations.  We featured just a few ideas at the end of our video as examples. The braided flower (shown below) was my daughter's favorite, since the looped part of this braid looks just like flower petals!

The Melting Braid Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Cute braided flower made with "melting braids"

Flower made from hair. Video tutorial

Melting braid tie back hairstyle tutorial

Pretty hairstyle, the melted braid.

As shown in our tutorial (above) it may be helpful to work with wet hair, or to add some product (gel, pomade, wax, etc.) to help control flyaways and keep the small strands of hair separated while you are braiding.

Although this braid looks quite intricate, it really isn't that hard to create once you get the pattern down and I think the end result is worth the trouble!

If you love this technique, we have done a few similar braids in the past which you may like:

The cookie cutter braid
The scallop edge braid
The folded Feather Braid

Thanks so much for watching our hair tutorials each week!  We love you guys.
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Feb 3, 2016

Romantic Side Swept Braided Rose Hairstyle

Romantic side swept braided rose hairstyle tutorial

"The Princess" was a flower girl in a wedding recently, so we thought it would be fun to show the pretty hairstyle that she wore for the event. This doesn't have to be just a hairstyle for flower girls though.... This glamorous hairstyle would also be great for brides and bridesmaids, prom, homecoming, Valentine's Day, communions, recitals, date night, church, etc.

Romantic side swept braided rose hairstyle, video tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Pretty hairstyle for special events

Glamorous side swept hairstyle with curls

Flower girl hairstyle tutorial, braided rose

Pretty hairstyle for special occasions

We wanted some texture in her hair to help create a glamorous side swept look, so we started with some curling wand curls.  Click here for a more detailed video showing how to curl your hair using a curling wand.  After braiding in a lace French braid headband on top, we wrapped the end of the braid around and underneath her hair to help keep the curls contained and placed to the side of her head. Lastly, we added a braided rosette accent to the side.

Supplies needed to recreate this look:
  • 2 small, clear elastics.
  • Several bobby pins.
  • Curling wand/iron, rollers, naturally curly hair (if you want curls.)
We love how soft and pretty this hairstyle turned out!  Perfect for all ages and many formal events.  
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Sep 2, 2015

Braided Flower Corsage Hairstyle For Weddings and Prom

We are excited to share this fancy and unique half-up braided princess style with you today.  I think this hairstyle would be perfect for a wedding (on a bride, flower girl, bridesmaid, or guest) for prom, homecoming, recitals, communions, and other formal occasions.

braided flower corsage hairstyle video tutorial

We have combined elements of a waterfall twist braid variation and a braided rose or flower to create this elegant and fancy half updo ponytail. I'm thinking this hairstyle has a slightly vintage, medieval or renaissance feel to it.

Pretty hairstyle for a wedding or prom.  The braided flower corsage.

Although this style looks quite intricate, it is actually not extremely difficult to complete.  If you can do a waterfall twist, a standard 3 strand braid, a bun, and a ponytail, you can do this.

My favorite part of this hairstyle is how the individual strands from the waterfall twist surround and showcase the braided flower bun in the center, which reminded us of a flower corsage. So beautiful!

Gorgeous half-up formal hairstyle

Top view of the braided rosette....
Unique braided rosette hairstyle tutorial.

Braided Flower Corsage Hairstyle Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • 3 medium/small clear elastics
  • 4-6 temporary hair ties or clips to keep things from unraveling while you work.
  • Several bobby pins.  We used miniature pins from Sally Beauty Supply.
  • Pomade, wax, or gel to help with flyaways.
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May 6, 2015

Half Up Hairstyle, Braided Rosette and Feathered Headband

Pretty half up rosette braid and headband video tutorial

We were in the mood for an elegant and pretty hairstyle this week.  This style was created by taking several elements (a dutch feather braid headband, a regular 3 strand braid, a braided rosette) and combining them to form a fancy half up hairstyle. This classic style would be great for many special or formal occasions such as church, dances, recitals, communions, baptisms, flower girls, weddings, renaissance faires, etc.  I think the dainty side rosette and the braid swooping across the back of her head gives this style a romantic, feminine, and vintage look.

Elegant rosette braid hairstyle tutorial

The Princess usually prefers hairstyles which are fairly sleek, tight, and neat. She says that loose braids bug her sometimes as she feels like they are falling out.  ;)  But, if your personal style is more of a tousled look, you can definitely stretch out and loosen the braid in the feathered headband as well as the braided flower for more of an effortless or messy look. If you prefer a waterfall braid over a feather braid, you can do that instead (for the headband.) But, we have found that the feather braid tends to hold up better. Some waves or curls could also be added for a cute finishing touch if you desire.

Feather braided headband and rosette hairstyle tutorial

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:

Braided Rosette and Feathered Headband Hairstyle Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

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Dec 17, 2014

Snowflake Ponytail, Winter Hairstyles

Snowflake hairstyle video tutorial

A "Frozen Hairstyle"... literally!

We decided on a fun and festive snowflake hairstyle for our tutorial this week (since the holidays and the winter season are upon us!)  This design is kind of a spinoff of one of our favorite updos that we posted on our site way back in 2009, the fancy Princess Bun. With a few slight changes and some added ribbon, this Princessy bun transforms into a lovely snowflake hairstyle!

Snowflake ponytail

This unique design would be a cute hairstyle for Christmas, New Years, holiday parties, winter weddings, sledding, skiing, and... all winter long.  I could also picture this as a fun and different hairstyle to go with an Elsa or Anna (from Disney's Frozen) costume or dress! 

Cute snow flake hairstyle

If you are wanting to wear this hairstyle for dance, figure skating, gymnastics, etc... you could take the hair in the ponytail and create a sock bun (or any other type of bun) to keep it out of your way.

Also, for a more elegant look, you could curl the hair in the ponytail, or create a tousled updo with some curls in the center of the snowflake.

Snowflake hairstyle, for Christmas

Supplies Needed:
  • Several small, white elastics
    (We used 10, but it is going to depend on how many ponytails you add to start with.)
  • 2 medium, white elastics.
  • Claw clips, to keep things from unraveling while you work. 
  • White ribbon, cut into 2 - 2 1/2 ft lengths. (We used 5 pieces, but again, it is going to depend on how many ponytails you start out with.)
  • Scissors, nail clippers, or a seam ripper to easily remove the elastics when you are done (optional.)
Snowflake Hairstyle Video Tutorial: Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

Just a heads up: Most of the styles we post on this blog are less time consuming than they look and rarely take over 10 minutes.... not the case with this one.  ;)  I would give yourself around 20-30 minutes to complete this style.  Pull out a movie, snacks, game, or book... you are going to need it!

P.S. If you are looking for less of a winter look and more of a spring/summer hairstyle, this same technique could be used to make a beautiful hair flower!  Just change the white ribbon and elastics out for pink, yellow, or purple.  You will then create flower petals instead of ice crystals!
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Jun 4, 2014

Dutch Braid Rose Hairstyle Tutorial, Flower Girl Hairstyles

Elegant dutch braids with a lovely braided rosette accent!
dutch braid rose hairstyle tutorial

Today's braided hairstyle tutorial is quite fancy and glamorous.... very princess like.  I love hairstyles which incorporate flowers made from hair, especially for summer. I can see this as a perfect flower girl hairstyle for a summer wedding!

If you have spent any amount of time online looking at hairstyles, you have probably come across an  image of a cute little girl wearing this hairstyle (which we have tried to recreate in today's tutorial) it has been floating around on Pinterest, Instagram, Wehearit and Tumblr for several years now. Unfortunately we are unsure of who the original creator is, as it has been shared so many times with no traceable link that we could find.  Over the years, this style has been requested on our Facebook page and in email (time and time again) so we are bringing our recreation to you today!

dutch braid rosette hairstyle tutorial

I think this would be an adorable hairstyle not just for flower girls, but for weddings in general (bridesmaids, wedding guests, maybe even for a bride!) Or a hairstyle for the Prom / Homecoming.  This hair design is dressy and classy, almost vintage looking.  I just love it.
flower girl hairstyle, dutch braid rose

And although the braiding seems fairly intricate at first glance, this design is really not much more than 2 inverse braids.  If you can dutch braid, this should be fairly easy for you to recreate!  In the original hairstyle, the rose was placed a little higher up on the head (& further to the left.)  The Princess wanted the rose placed more towards the back, rather than on top of her head... so we extended the braid on the left side a little bit further than what was shown in the original photo.  Of course, you can place the rose wherever you like it best.  ;)

bridesmaid hairstyle, dutch braid flower

Supplies Needed:
  • 2 small clear elastics
  • Several bobby pins
  • Pomade, hair wax, or gel to help control flyaways (optional)

Dutch Braid Rose Hairstyle Video Tutorial:  Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

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Mar 5, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Hairstyles, Shamrock With Ribbon

2 Fun Hairstyles For St. Patrick's Day!
St. Patricks Day Hairstyles

We have seen many cute and creative shamrock & clover hairstyles around the web throughout the years, & we actually created a 3 leaf clover hairstyle for our blog way back in 2009 (before we started doing YouTube videos.)  But, we realized that we have never made a video tutorial showing a shamrock hairstyle.  So, we decided to add one to our St. Patricks Hairstyle collection this year!
Three Leaf Clover Hairstyle

There are realistically only so many ways a clover hairstyle can be constructed. But, the idea and basic concept we used to form these "clover leaves" actually stemmed from a Valentine's "heart hairstyle" on our blog via 2009.  And then, we wanted to add some color (green of course) so we incorporated some ribbon around the leaves using the candy stripe method. You could also choose to braid the ribbon into her hair instead if you prefer.

Shamrock with ribbon hair tutorial

Sad, but true... "The Princess" is growing up and starting to move away from "little girl hairstyles."  As you will see in our video tutorial (and photo below) we have also included a more "grown up" St. Patrick's Day ponytail style (for those of you who aren't too excited about sporting a clover on your head, but still want to join in on the fun and not get pinched.)  ;) 

St. Patrick's Day Hairstyle, Ribbon Ponytail

Supplies Needed:
  • 3 lengths of green ribbon (around 12 inches each)
  • 2 large hair elastics and 3 small hair elastics (preferably green!)  The brand we usually use is called "Goody Ouchless."
  • 6 clips/barrettes/hair ties to temporarily keep the ribbon from unraveling while you are working.
St. Patrick's Day 3 Leaf Clover/Shamrock Hairstyle Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

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Feb 26, 2014

Prom Hairstyles, Star Flower Bun Tutorial

1 technique, 2 unique updo hairstyles....
Star Flower Bun Hair Tutorial
Today's tutorial shows how to create 2 formal bun hairstyles using a knotted braid.

Hairstyle option #1 is shown above, and option #2 is shown below.  These updo styles would be great for many special occasions including the Prom, Homecoming, a Wedding (bridal hairstyle, or flower girl hairstyle) communion, baptism, recital, church, Easter, etc.
Star Flower Bun, Wedding Hairstyle
We decided to let our mannequin "Plastic Patty" model these styles on our blog today. As you might notice in our video tutorial, the design doesn't seem to show up as well on darker hair (especially on camera) and we wanted you to be able to see the beautiful details in these 2 buns.  This is actually one of those styles that looks better in person than it does via pictures in general.

This first variation in the pics below (option 2 in our video) is probably my favorite of the two and ends up looking somewhat similar to a fishtail braid bun, or a pinwheel bun. I find the knotting technique we used to create this particular bun is actually much faster than making a fishtail or a pinwheel though, and is easier to take out when you are done as well.  If you try this variation, the smaller sections you take, the more intricate the design will be.
Star Flower Bun Prom Hairstyle

The following 3 pictures are showing option #1 from our video tutorial. This variation creates more of a "chunky" looking bun.  I love how the strands are looped around each other with the "star shape" in the middle! The first picture (below) is showing the bun with the same "medium" size strands we used on the Princess in our video.  In the next 2 pics (side by side) we created the style the same way as shown in our video, but we took smaller strands, creating more loops inside and around the bun.  You can decide which variation you like best! 
Homecoming hairstyle "star flower bun"
Flower girl hairstyle "star flower bun"
Prom Updo "star flower bun" hairstyle

Supplies needed:
  • 1 ponytail holder/hair elastic
  • Several bobby pins
  • Pomade/gel/wax/or damp hair to help control flyaways

Star Flower Bun Video Tutorial: Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

P.S. Our new Android app can be found here:  Princess Hairstyles App and is FREE!  Find our IOS app on ITunes here (also free.)
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Oct 2, 2013

Lace Braid Rose Hairstyle For Long Hair

An Elegant Braided Updo Featuring Braided Roses

Lace Braids and Rose Braids

If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen a photo of this hairstyle (which was actually done on a mannequin head) posted last week.  We have noticed this beautiful hairstyle floating around on Pinterest, and Instagram quite a bit lately.  We have also received several requests, so I thought we would give it a try!

This hairstyle is really not that complicated as long as you know how to lace braid, although it is a little more time consuming than some of the styles we have done.  You will probably need to give yourself 15-20 minutes to complete all of the braiding and pinning. Since this hair style is so lovely, romantic, beautiful, and feminine, I would say the extra time is definitely worth it! Anytime I see braided flowers (or roses/rosettes) in someone's hair, it always looks so pretty.  You really can't go wrong with braided roses!

I'm thinking this style would be great for many special occasions such as: a wedding, flower girl, prom, homecoming, church, recital, communion.... you get the idea!

Lace Braid Roses Hairstyle
Supplies Needed:
  • 2 small clear elastics
  • 1 medium sized clear elastic
  • 2 clips or cloth covered elastics to temporarily hold the ends of the braids
  • Several bobby pins (we used miniature bobby pins from Sally Beauty Supply.)
  • Comb or brush
  • Hair spray (optional)
  • Fairly long hair
Lace Braid Rose Hairstyle Video Tutorial:

Please feel free to share this style using the buttons below if you loved it.  ;)
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