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Dec 13, 2017

3D Christmas Tree Hair Tutorial

Christmas Tree Hairstyle Tutorial! 3D Bubble Braid.
This half up half down 3D "Christmas tree hairstyle" is so fun and would be perfect for your next holiday occasion!  We posted a simplified version of this Christmas hairstyle last year, which we called the "bubble braid Christmas tree." This year we have added some dimension to the tree by creating an extra loop in front of the braid (for a 3D effect) as well as some green ribbon for added color.  At the top of the tree we have placed a sparkly star clip.  You could add an angel, ornaments, lights, bows... whatever decorations you would like to your tree.

3D Christmas Tree Hairstyle Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

This hairstyle would be great for a Christmas party, Christmas Eve, meeting Santa, Christmas dinner, sledding, making gingerbread cookies and houses, a Christmas recital or play, school, or a hairstyle to go with an ugly sweater contest! ;)

3D Christmas Tree Hair Tutorial. Easy Video! #Christmas #Christmastreehair

Supplies needed to recreate this holiday hairstyle:
  • Several hair elastics. The amount will depend on the length of hair you are working with.
  • Green ribbon (optional.)
  • A Christmasy clip for the top of your tree (optional.)
  • Pomade, gel, hair wax, etc. to help control flyaways.
To see more Christmas hair ideas, click on our Christmas hairstyles collection. (Including a snowflake hairstyle, classic hair wreath or halo braid, cookie cutter or ornament braid, candy cane hairstyles, holiday updos, and several Christmas tree hairstyle ideas.)
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Dec 6, 2017

Decorated Pull Through Braids! 3 Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

3 cute Christmas hairstyles! Decorated pull through braids, video tutorial.

These 3 ponytail Christmas hairstyles would be great for many holiday parties and events this year!  We are loving these "decorated pull-through braids" as they are festive and fun, but not overly crazy.  I could see these styles working for little girls as well as teens and women. These 3 hairstyles could be worn to a Christmas party, any upcoming holiday event, to school or work, for New Years Eve, to church, or even a hairstyle to go with an ugly sweater contest. ;)

 Decorated Pull Through Braids Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

In this video hair tutorial, we show 3 different techniques for creating the decorated pull through braids. 

#1 Pull through braid with tinsel. This is the traditional method and most popular technique we have seen to make the braid (using garland as a substitute for the standard second section of hair in our decorated variation.)

Tinsel pull through braid, video tutorial. Cute for Christmas or New Years Eve hairstyle!

#2 Bubble braid with pulled through beads.  We came up with this method as we were experimenting and love it, as it halves the amount of elastics used in a traditional pull through style!

Pull through bubble braid with beads, video instructions.

#3 Reverse pull through braid with ribbon.  We have shared this inverted or reverse technique in the past.  For this tutorial we replaced the second section of hair with holiday ribbon.

Pull through braid with ribbon. Video instructions.

Of course, these hairstyles can be worn for many occasions year round and not just for Christmas!
Supplies needed to recreate these styles:
  • 1 large elastic or hair tie for the top of the ponytail.
  • Several medium size clear elastics (the amount will depend on the length of hair you are working with as well as the technique chosen.)
  • Decor for your pull through braid.  You could really add any type of ribbon, garland, beads, lace, yarn, etc. for all 3 of the techniques shown. We found all of our supplies at the Dollar Store.
  • Scissors to cut your decor to desired length.
  • You could definitely add some ornaments or lights to these styles (if that is the look you are going for.)  I'm thinking some jewels or other hair accessories placed at each elastic would also be lovely if you are wanting some added sparkle.
Holiday hairstyle ideas! Decorated pull through braids, video instructions.
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Dec 21, 2016

Easy Bubble Braid Christmas Tree Hairstyle Tutorial

Easy bubble braid Christmas tree hair tutorial
Quick and easy bubble braid Christmas tree hairstyle.  A last minute holiday hair idea!

Our Christmas tree braid tutorial this week is probably the easiest Christmas hairstyle we have done to date!  To create this braided Christmas tree, we have utilized a "floating bubble braid" technique which we first saw on Instagram by "pr3ttygirl79." And combined it with a simple half up Christmas tree braid hairstyle idea which we recently saw on "babesinhairland." As shown in our video tutorial (below) the looped strands from the bubble braid are stretched out along each side of the braid in the center, gradually getting larger as we work our way down, to form an outline of a Christmas tree. 

This hairstyle would be adorable for a Christmas party, school, Christmas day, Christmas Eve, meeting Santa, holiday photos, an ugly sweater contest, opening presents... along with many other holiday activities.

Bubble Braid Christmas Tree Hairstyle, Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Quick and easy holiday hairstyle, the bubble braid Christmas tree

Cute Christmas tree braid hairstyle tutorial

 Supplies needed to create this easy Christmas tree hairstyle:
  • 4 medium (or small) hair elastics. As you can see, we used green, you could also use red, white, brown, clear, etc.
  • Pomade, gel, hair wax, or other product to help with flyaways and to keep your loops together and smooth.
  • An accessory for the top of your tree (optional.) A star, angel, snowflake, or other sparkly or festive clip would be cute.
To see more Christmas hair ideas, click on our Christmas hairstyles label.  (Including a snowflake hairstyle, classic hair wreath or halo braid, cookie cutter or ornament braid, candy cane hairstyles, holiday updos, and more!)

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, no matter how you celebrate.  See you all next week!
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Dec 7, 2016

Side Braided Wreath Or Halo Braid Hairstyle

side halo braid or wreath braid tutorial
A cute braided hairstyle for Christmas (or anytime.) No bobby pins required!

Hey guys! This week we are showing a fun variation of the standard halo braid (or wreath braid) which is always a popular style this time of year.  We have utilized an "off centered" dutch lace braid to create this halo on the side of her head, instead of in the center (which is more typical of this style.)  We chose to leave most of her hair down for an elegant half up look.  If you want to make this an updo, you could incorporate all of her hair into this side halo braid as well. 

This would be a fabulous hairstyle for many formal or special occasions:  Holiday parties, church, Christmas Eve, school dances, recitals, etc.

Side Braided Wreath or Halo Braid, Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on Youtube.)

Side halo braid or wreath braid half up hairstyle

Pretty Christmas hairstyle, side halo braid tutorial

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle: 
  • 1 medium size clear elastic
  • Hair product to help control flyaways
  • We love that we were able to finish this style with no bobby pins!  If you have fairly long hair, the braid should hold just fine on its own by using the topsy tail technique shown in our video.  If your hair is shorter, you will most likely need a few pins to hold the end in place. 
  • Topsy Tail. These can be found in some stores where beauty supplies are sold, and online here (affiliate.)
  • Decorative hair clips or pins (optional.) We purchased ours at Sally Beauty Supply. We found something similar online here (affiliate.) 
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Nov 2, 2016

Elegant Elastic Christmas Tree Hairstyle & Bun

Elegant Christmas Tree Hairstyle Tutorial

This week we are kicking off the holiday season with a festive Christmas tree hairstyle!  And, I think this might be our favorite Christmas hairstyle that we have done to date.  We love how easy and simple this pretty updo style is to create, yet it looks so unique, cute, sweet, and elegant.  This X-mas hairstyle would be perfect for many occasions this holiday season: Christmas parties, meeting Santa, holiday photos, Christmas dinner, Christmas morning, holiday parades, school, church, recitals, concerts, Christmas shopping, making holiday treats, decorating the Christmas tree, making gingerbread men, a winter dance or wedding, etc.

Christmas Tree Hairstyle & Bun Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

You can create any type of bun that you want at the top of the tree (a donut bun, sock bun, messy bun, braided bun, twisted bun, rolled bun, etc.)  We decided on a triple braided bun

Elastic Christmas Tree Hairstyle and Bun Video Tutorial

Of course, you can leave your tree "as is" or you can decorate it and make it more glamorous if you want.  A star or angel at the top would be beautiful, as well as ribbon, ornaments, glitter, gems, or even lights.

X-mas hairstyle! Christmas tree and bun tutorial.

Easy Christmas tree hairstyle tutorial.

You may remember a similar style we did on my little toddler niece several years ago as a "candy corn hairstyle" with the elastics on the side/top of her head going into a side ponytail. As mentioned in our video tutorial, this elastic tree positioned on the back of her head and bun combination is inspired by a "candy corn" hairstyle that has been trending on Instagram this Fall. The first thing I thought of when I saw this style was, not only is this adorable as a candy corn... but it would also make a fabulous Christmas tree! Many Instagramers have posted this candy corn hairstyle recently and I wanted to share a few awesome accounts that we saw it on: @pr3ttygirl79 @simplystranded @brownhairedbliss @twogirls_hairstyles @jespi09 @toddlerhairideas @prettyhstyle3029 @kares84 I know there are more and don't want to leave anyone out!  If you posted this style, feel free to leave your Instagram in the comments and we will check it out. :)

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle: 
  • Several small, green elastics (the amount you will need will depend on the size of tree you make. We used 9 green and 1 yellow for the star at the top.) The brand we used is "goody ouchless." 
  • 1 ponytail holder, large enough to contain all of your hair.
  • 1 medium size, clear elastic to hold the braids before you make the bun.
  • Several bobby pins.
  • Any optional accessories you want to decorate your tree with. (Decorative pins, gems, star clips, ornaments, ribbon, etc.
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Dec 23, 2015

Braided Ornament Hairstyle, Christmas Hair

Pretty Christmas ornament hairstyle tutorial

We wanted to fit one more Christmas hairstyle in for you this year and decided on this unique "braided ornament."  The inspiration for this style comes from a braid we posted a couple of years ago on our blog (which we named the "cookie cutter.")  We decided to try a variation of this braid and frame the center of the style with lace French braids in a circular shape, which we were hoping would resemble a round ornament ball! 

Braided ornament hairstyle tutorial

As shown in our tutorial, we added a pompadour in her bangs area and brought the rest of her hair back into a low ponytail.  Of course, if you would rather braid the ponytail or wrap the remaining hair up into an updo, you could do that instead.  Fancy holiday accessories such as a bow, or holly could be added to dress up the top or bottom of this ornament.  "The Princess" was attending a fancy holiday occasion the day we filmed this style and we wanted more of a subtle, elegant look. But, if you want your ornament to stand out more, you could add ribbon to the braids framing the ornament. Red, green, white, silver, or gold ribbon would be so pretty and festive.

Cute Christmas hairstyle, braided ornament tutorial.

Christmas Ornament Hairstyle Video Tutorial (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

This hairstyle would be great for Christmas, Christmas Eve, a holiday party, school, church, New Years, holiday dinners, or other special occasions.
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Dec 9, 2015

Christmas Tree Hairstyle

Christmas tree hair tutorial

Hi, I am "Hair By Lori." Thank you so much to Princess Hairstyles for having me as a guest on her blog!

 I am so excited to share my Ribbon Christmas Tree Braid with you today.  When I first started trying different Christmas hairstyles, I was excited because I could do anything.  Christmas is a time when “tacky” magically becomes “cool”! 
However, I was even more excited when I realized that a tree braided into the hair didn’t just have to be tacky – it could be pretty too.   I think that this style is one that can be dressed up with curls and while it still might be tacky any other time of the year, at Christmas it is magical and beautiful.
Adorable Christmas hairstyle.  Ribbon Christmas tree tutorial.

This Ribbon Christmas Tree Braid is a style that will get you so much attention.  It’s perfect for all of your Christmas events – from an ugly sweater party, to a school holiday party to a family event – this will be the style that everyone is talking about! 

Braided Christmas tree video tutorial.

Ribbon Christmas Tree Hairstyle Video Tutorial (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

To make this hairstyle even easier for you to recreate – my Hair by Lori EZDO Christmas Tree Braid Kit is now available on (affiliate.) The kit comes with everything you need to recreate this festive hairstyle at home:  step by step instructions, ribbon, elastics, star for the top of the tree and your choice of decoration.  You can choose from Garland, Ornaments and LED Lights.

The Ornaments are one of my favorites because they are so beautiful and give the style a more dressed up look.  I also LOVE the LED Lights that you get in my kit.  They do not get hot so they are safe to wear in the hair.  The battery pack is lightweight and small, so it’s easy to wear and easy to hide in the style.  The length of the light string is perfect for the style.  You’ll certainly stand out with whatever option you choose.

The only warning I’ll leave you with is be prepared for lots of attention!  We have worn it out to the store and running errands and everyone stops my girls to look at their hair.  We’ve even had a few people ask if they could take photos!  Though the way that it makes my girls smile proudly, it’s worth the extra time to indulge the onlookers.  ;-)
Holiday hairstyle. Braided Christmas tree with ribbon.
Lori Bryant blogs at  She is a wife and homeschooling mom of 4 littles.  Lori is passionate about helping girls feel good about themselves through cute hairstyles! 
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Nov 18, 2015

French Braid Tuck, Holiday Updo Tutorial

French braid tuck tutorial, cute holiday updo

This week we are showing a simplified variation of one of our favorite hairstyles that we posted a few years ago, the "swirling braids updo." And although the original hairstyle is gorgeous, it is a little more time consuming.  Today we wanted to show a super quick and easy (but still elegant and pretty) updo for those occasions when you don't have a lot of time, but still want to look polished, sophisticated, or fancy.  This has been our "go to" style for many occasions (since it is so quick and easy) and would be great for the upcoming holiday season: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc. I could also see this working for Prom, Homecoming, Weddings, church, recitals, communions and other special occasions. If you know how to French braid, this hairstyle should be very easy for you and not take more than a few minutes to create!

French braid tuck hairstyle video tutorial

Quick and easy updo tutorial, french braid tuck

French Braid Tuck Updo Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • 1 clear elastic or hair tie.
  • Several bobby pins.
  • Topsy tail.  We purchased ours online (the brand is Conair.)

This up-style should work on long hair and medium hair.  In the video tutorial (above) we show a few ideas to alter the style for the length of hair you are working with. 
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Jun 24, 2015

Ribbon Swirl Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

Ribbon swirl bun video tutorial

We are excited about our hair tutorial this week, as this style is quite unique and beautiful!  It reminds me a little bit of our pinwheel bun which is one of our all time favorite hairstyles.  ;)

"The Princess" is planning on wearing this "ribbon swirl bun" for her 4th of July hairstyle this year.  Although this is a great holiday hairstyle, it really can be worn for many different occasions. Of course, you can use any color of ribbon, yarn, etc. to accent your bun and change up the look.  For example; elegant sliver or white ribbon would make more of a sophisticated or glamorous updo which would be pretty for a wedding, prom, or other formal occasion.  Brightly colored ribbon is going to stand out and "pop" more for a festive and fun look. I think this hairstyle would also be adorable for Christmas time (using red or green ribbon.) The swirling design reminds me of a lollipop!  If you want to add more than one color, you can definitely do that as well. Or if you prefer not to use ribbon at all, 2 strands of hair could be used to accent the bun instead. If you are a dancer or gymnast, this style would be great for dance recitals and competitions!

Gorgeous ribbon swirl bun hairstyle

As mentioned in our video (below) there are several different methods you could use to finish this bun.  We chose to keep things simple for our tutorial. But, if you are wanting something more intricate, you could braid, twist, roll and pin, or even make a starburst (or never ending) braid with the remaining ends!

We love the waterfall ribbon twist braid (which was used to create the swirl design in this bun) and have used it in several other hairstyles on our blog.  The "waterfall ribbon twist rainbow ponytail" and the "Aztec carousel braid" are a couple of examples of how this braid can be utilized in a hairstyle.

Ribbon swirl bun for the 4th of July

Ribbon swirl bun hairstyle video.

Supplies needed to recreate this look:
  • Bun maker. The bun maker or "hair donut" shown in our tutorial can be found in most beauty supply stores and discount stores.  I have actually even seen them at the dollar store from time to time.  If you do not have one, you can cut the toes out of a sock and roll it up to achieve a similar tool.
  • Several bobby pins.
  • Ribbon.  The ribbon we used was 1/4 inch thick and about 4 feet long. 
  • Finishing hair spray, pomade, wax, or gel.  (Optional.)

Ribbon Swirl Bun Hairstyle Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

This hairstyle should work with long hair, medium length hair, straight hair, wavy hair, and possibly curly hair.
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Dec 23, 2014

Christmas Hairstyles

Have you chosen a hairstyle for Christmas (or Christmas Eve) this year?  Below are a few "Christmas themed hairstyles" that we think would be cute this holiday season.  Enjoy!

Christmas hairstyles and tutorials

The Snowflake Hairstyle

Elastic Christmas Tree Hairstyle

Candy Cane Side Ponytail

Candy Cane Braid


We originally named this next one the "cookie cutter braid."  But... we also think it looks a lot like a Christmas ornament hairstyle!

Maybe you are looking for more of an elegant hairstyle for Christmas?  We love this Fishtail Bow Tie Braid with hair jewels:
  Ribbon Christmas Tree Hairstyle
We want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season!

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Dec 17, 2014

Snowflake Ponytail, Winter Hairstyles

Snowflake hairstyle video tutorial

A "Frozen Hairstyle"... literally!

We decided on a fun and festive snowflake hairstyle for our tutorial this week (since the holidays and the winter season are upon us!)  This design is kind of a spinoff of one of our favorite updos that we posted on our site way back in 2009, the fancy Princess Bun. With a few slight changes and some added ribbon, this Princessy bun transforms into a lovely snowflake hairstyle!

Snowflake ponytail

This unique design would be a cute hairstyle for Christmas, New Years, holiday parties, winter weddings, sledding, skiing, and... all winter long.  I could also picture this as a fun and different hairstyle to go with an Elsa or Anna (from Disney's Frozen) costume or dress! 

Cute snow flake hairstyle

If you are wanting to wear this hairstyle for dance, figure skating, gymnastics, etc... you could take the hair in the ponytail and create a sock bun (or any other type of bun) to keep it out of your way.

Also, for a more elegant look, you could curl the hair in the ponytail, or create a tousled updo with some curls in the center of the snowflake.

Snowflake hairstyle, for Christmas

Supplies Needed:
  • Several small, white elastics
    (We used 10, but it is going to depend on how many ponytails you add to start with.)
  • 2 medium, white elastics.
  • Claw clips, to keep things from unraveling while you work. 
  • White ribbon, cut into 2 - 2 1/2 ft lengths. (We used 5 pieces, but again, it is going to depend on how many ponytails you start out with.)
  • Scissors, nail clippers, or a seam ripper to easily remove the elastics when you are done (optional.)
Snowflake Hairstyle Video Tutorial: Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

Just a heads up: Most of the styles we post on this blog are less time consuming than they look and rarely take over 10 minutes.... not the case with this one.  ;)  I would give yourself around 20-30 minutes to complete this style.  Pull out a movie, snacks, game, or book... you are going to need it!

P.S. If you are looking for less of a winter look and more of a spring/summer hairstyle, this same technique could be used to make a beautiful hair flower!  Just change the white ribbon and elastics out for pink, yellow, or purple.  You will then create flower petals instead of ice crystals!
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Dec 10, 2014

Formal Half Updo Hairstyle, Cascading Curls and Chains

Cascading curls and chains half up hairstyle tutorial

We wanted to create a formal half up half down hairstyle for our tutorial this week.  I'm sure many of you will be attending holiday parties, formal dances, recitals, concerts, church, winter weddings, Christmas celebrations, Hanukkah, New Years Eve (among other fancy schmancy events) this season. This fancy hairstyle would be perfect for many of these special occasions and is actually quite easy to recreate. Yay! 

Half up half down formal hairstyle tutorial

One of our all time favorite hairstyling techniques (and one of the very first posts we ever placed on this hair blog) is the "chain braid."  It has been quite awhile since we have shown this technique in a hairstyle, so we wanted to add a chain to this elegant style today.  The Princess always receives compliments when she is wearing chains (as they are quite unique looking.)  I'm sure you will too! 

pretty half updo hairstyle with curls

As you can see, we placed a chain on just one side of this hairstyle and left the other side plain.  If you prefer, you can add a chain to both sides. 

Since the Princess doesn't have any bangs, we used the hair in the very front to create our headband made of hair.... which we refer to as "Barbie bangs." If your daughter has bangs (or fringe) cut, you can make the headband directly behind the bangs and it should work just fine.

fancy hairstyle with cascading curls

And then of course, what would a half updo be without some cascading curls? We love the "princessy" look of this hairstyle and the glamorous volume created with these curls. Beyond the holidays, I could see this working for Prom, Homecoming, or maybe even a bride.

Elegant half up hairstyle, cascading curls and chains

Supplies needed to recreate this style:
  • 3 small elastics
  • Several bobby pins
  • Water, gel, or pomade to help control flyaways
  • Curling iron or curling wand

I would plan on about 15 minutes to complete this pretty hairstyle (depending on how much of the hair you choose to curl.)  As shown in our video below, we only curled the hair in the half ponytail, which did save some time.

Cascading Curls and Chains Half Up Hairstyle Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

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Dec 3, 2014

Elastic Christmas Tree Hairstyle

Christmas tree hair tutorial

Hey guys!  Our hair tutorial this week is a recreation of a Christmas hairstyle we posted on our blog way back in 2009 (before we did much on YouTube.) "The Princess" was only 6 years old in our original Christmas tree hairstyle post and is now 11!  (How fun to look back at those old pics.) 

We wanted to add a new Christmas tree hairstyle video tutorial this holiday season (for those of you who have requested it over the years.)
Elastic half up hairstyle tutorial

As you may have noticed, this "tree hairstyle" design is quite subtle and not obviously a Christmas tree at first glance... which is what we wanted for today. The Princess was headed to an elegant Christmas dinner the day we filmed this style, and we didn't want an overly obnoxious Christmas tree in her hair for this particular occasion!

Of course, this half up-half down hairstyle could really be worn any time and not just for Christmas.  The "elastic net" look always reminds me of a medieval princess for some reason! If you wanted to, you could place a small jewel (or hair jewelry) at each elastic for some added sparkle, which would be so pretty and glamorous. 

Elastic tree hairstyle video

If you are wanting more of a festive looking tree for a lively Christmas party.... or even a hairstyle to go with an "ugly sweater contest," ;) you could add some ornaments or lights to this style (which would make the Christmas tree really stand out!)  Also, if you place the elastics closer together, you can form more of an obvious triangular tree shape (if that is the look you are going for.)  We didn't have any ornaments or lights laying around when we filmed this style, so we photo-shopped some in for you as an example below!

Christmas tree hairstyle with lights or ornaments

You might notice the elastic at the top of our "tree" is yellow, while the rest of the elastics are green.  The yellow elastic is supposed to be the star!  You could also place a brown elastic, or braid the middle section at the bottom of your tree as a trunk if you want.

Elastic net holiday hairstyle

Supplies needed to create this hairstyle:
  • Several small elastics.  (We used 15 total.)  The brand of elastics shown in our video are "Goody Ouchless."  Of course, you can use any color or brand you want.
  • Accessories such as ornaments or lights to decorate your tree (optional.)
  • Water, gel, or pomade, to help control flyaways (optional.)
  • Around 15-20 minutes.

Elastic Tree Hairstyle Video Tutorial:  (Click here to watch the tutorial directly on YouTube.)

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Mar 19, 2014

Easter Hairstyles - Diagonal Stacked Ribbon Braid Updo

A glamorous braided updo with accent ribbon
Stacked Ribbon Braid Updo #Easter

If you follow us on Instagram, this updo may look slightly familiar.  We shared this hairstyle on our account back in December as "The Princess" wore this hairstyle on Christmas Eve last year. Since that time, we have received many requests for a tutorial.

As you can see in the photo above (from December) the style looks a little bit different (with 3 layers of braiding versus 2 layers in our tutorial today.)  The finished design you end up with will depend on the length of hair you are working with.  If your hair is shorter than the princess's, you could actually complete this style with just one diagonal braid by tucking the ends in at the bottom, or ending with a small bun.  If your hair is longer, you may end up with more layers of braiding as you stack and wrap the hair around itself!

#updo diagonal stacked ribbon braids

This formal hairstyle would be great for many special occasions such as: Easter Sunday, Prom, Homecoming, recitals, communions, baptisms, holidays, weddings, etc.  Depending on the occasion, you could change out the color of the ribbon to match the look you are going for.  Or, if you are looking for something more subtle, you could actually just use another strand of hair (or braid) in place of the ribbon entirely. 

#hairstyle Diagonal stacked ribbon braids updo

Although this style looks pretty "fancy schmancy" it is actually not very time consuming.  As long as you can figure out how to 4-strand braid.... you will be good to go in less than 10 minutes most likely. 
#prom Updo Tutorial.  Stacked Ribbon Braids

Supplies Needed:
  • Ribbon.  We used a piece that was almost 7 feet long and folded it in half.  The length is going to depend on the length of hair you are working with.  I would suggest starting with a longer strand than you think you will need, as you can always trim it at the end.
  • 2 small hair elastics
  • Several bobby pins
Diagonal Stacked Ribbon Braid Updo, Video Tutorial Click here to watch the tutorial directly on YouTube.

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